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Syrian Refugee Uses Crowdfunding to Pay for College in Germany

A Syrian refugee might be getting a chance to attend college in Germany thanks to the crowd funding website Indiegogo. Civil war in Syria ... tags: Europe_NewsGeoBeatsNewsodday_alatikiodday_alatiki_crowdfundodday_alatiki_refugeeodday_alatiki_study

Sea Urchin and Giraffe on the Menu for Wealthy Citizens of Pompeii

According to the latest evidence uncovered by scientists studying the ancient city of Pompeii, Italy, the wealthier elite citizens ate an ... tags: archaeologistsdelicacies_pompeiiEurope_NewsGeoBeatsgiraffe_leg_pompeiiNewssea_urchin_delicacy

Scientists Fish 8,000 Pieces of Plastic Out of Thames

Scientists using fishing nets dragged the lower reaches of sections of the Thames and pulled up over 8 thousand pieces of plastic rubbish. ... tags: Europe_NewsGeoBeatsNewsnorth_sea_trashplastic_rubbish_thamesplastic_thames_riverplastic_trash_thames

How People Live in the Coldest Inhabited Place on Earth

The coldest place on Earth that is inhabited by humans year round is Oymyakon, Siberia. It can reach temperatures as low as negative 96 ... tags: coldest_place_earthEurope_NewsGeoBeatslife_coldest_placelive_coldest_place_earthlocals_coldest_place_earthoymyakon_coldest_place_earth

Plans for Bicycle Highway Above London Railways

With the citys population and the number of cyclists expected to grow rapidly during the next 10 years, a well-known architect has revealed ... tags: 135_miles_cycle_highway_londoncycle_highway_above_trainscycle_highway_londoncycle_highway_over_trainsEurope_NewsGeoBeatsNews

Researchers Discover Medieval Vineyard in Spain

Archaeologists recently uncovered indications of ancient vineyards dedicated to the cultivation of grapes in a Spanish medieval settlement. ... tags: 1000_year_old_vineyard_spainEurope_NewsGeoBeatsmedieval_vineyard_spainvineyardszaballa_archeologistszaballa_medieval_vineyard

Evidence of Early Human Found in Siberian Cave

Researchers believe they have found evidence of the early human species known as Homo erectus that might be the genetic link with our ... tags: dna_analysis_neanderthal_cavedna_sequence_neanderthalearly_human_remains_caveearly_human_remains_siberiaEurope_NewsGeoBeatsmystery_human_dna

Land Art Installation of Child's Face Is Visible from Space

A satellite image of a land art installation in Belfast, Ireland entitled Wish and featuring the face of a child, is competing to become ... tags: artwork_wish_portraitbelfast_artwork_wishEurope_NewsGeoBeatsland_art_kids_faceNewsnorthern_ireland_childs_face

Sölvesborg Bridge in Sweden Gets LED Lighting Upgrade

A design company recently created an innovative lighting scheme to enhance the lines and stretch across the Slvesborg Bridge. Most bridges ... tags: Europe_NewsGeoBeatslighting_projectlightssolvesborg_bridgesolvesborg_bridge_ledsolvesborg_bridge_led_lights

Company Makes Cavity-Free Candy

German biotech company Organo Balance has done sugar-lovers everywhere a huge service. Theyve invented a cavity-free candy. German biotech ... tags: cavity_free_sweetscavity_free_treatsEurope_NewsGeoBeatsgerm_coated_candy_cavitiesgerm_coated_sweetsNews

Designer Creates Outdoor Swingrest Chair

In collaboration between a French designer and the handcrafted outdoor furniture brand Dedon, a new swing was recently introduced. What's ... tags: dedon_new_outdoor_swingdedon_suspended_swingchairdedon_swinging_chairdedon_swingrestdedon_swingrest_couch_chairEurope_Newsfrench_designer

Russia Paves Over Snowy Roads

Pictures of people and trucks laying asphalt over snow-covered roads in Russia have left many scratching their heads - including Russians. ... tags: constructionEurope_NewsGeoBeatspaving_job_snowy_streetpaving_new_road_snowpaving_over_snow_russiapaving_snow_street