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'Greece doomed, economy total farce & fiction!'

The Greek parliament has approved new harsh austerity legislature needed to secure a 130-billion-euro bailout from the EU and the IMF in ... tags: Angela Merkelathens fireausterityBrusselsbudgetcutsdebt crisis

CrossTalk: Plentiful Austerity

What does slash public spending mean for the economy Is recession the right time for tightening the belts Where does the growth come from ... tags: Angela Merkelathens fireausterityBrusselsbudgetCrosstalkcuts

Bailout Sellout: 'Germany desperate to chop Greek gangreen'

Germany's finance minister has declared that promises aren't enough anymore, saying that Greece must now implement reforms to prove it's ... tags: Angela Merkelathens fireausteritybudgetcutsdebt crisisdemocracy

'Eurocratic fantasies push Greece to agony'

More than ten thousand Greeks surrounded the Parliament on Tuesday - clashing with police while protesting the latest reforms. Many see ... tags: Angela MerkelausterityBrusselsbudgetbureaucracycutsdebt crisis

Lethal Medicine: 'Greece testing ground for EU austerity hell'

The Greek Prime Minister is struggling to get coalition party leaders to buy-in to harsh new international bailout terms. The country must ... tags: Angela MerkelausterityBrusselsbudgetbureaucracycutsdebt crisis

Currency Crash: 'No solution to crisis - too late to save euro'

The person essentially in charge of Europe's purse strings says there is no easy fix to the Eurozone's debt crisis and finding a solution ... tags: Angela Merkel austerity Berlusconi budget bureauc cuts democracy

Debt Debacle: Merkel gives EU the FU

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has urged for 'a Fiscal Union with strict rules' to address the root causes of the 'Europe's widening ... tags: Angela Merkel austerity Berlusconi budget bureauc cuts democracy

Vicious circle of crisis: 'EU deformed at birth'

Greece has ground to a halt, as public service employees walk out over new pay cuts, job suspensions and an emergency property tax. The ... tags: austerity Berlusconi budget bureaucracy cuts debt crisis democracy