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Excavated Away - Lignite mining eats into Brandenburg's villages | People & Politics

Despite Germanys energy turnaround, environmentally-damaging lignite, or brown coal, is still being strip mined here, including in the ... tags: Brandenburgcitizensdamagingdeutschedwenvironmentallyenvironmentally-damage

People & Politics | The Greens Take the Cities

The Green Party recently secured a historic triumph in the city council election in Stuttgart and appears to be establishing itself as a ... tags: consciousDeutsche-WelleDeutschlandDW-TVelectionenvironmentallyGermany

Daimler Developer Thomas Weber | Made in Germany

Thomas Weber has been responsible for research and development at Daimler for the past 5 years. Whether the carmaker can stay afloat will ... tags: carsDaimlerDeutscheDW-TVEconomicsenvironmentallyfriendly

Environmental Protection | Made in Germany

Organic,eco-friendly and natural resources are not terms that consumers usually associate with the Henkel brand. The Dsseldorf-based ... tags: DeutscheDW-TVEconomicsenvironmentallyfriendlyGermanyHenkel

Hydroelectricity in Taiwan | Global 3000

The relatively small island is home to some 22 million people. Most of Taiwan's electricity is still produced by coal-generated power ... tags: 3000CultureDeutscheDW-TVEconomicselectricityenvironmentally

How to buy eco-friendly and fair trade gifts

When it comes to gifts, its the thought that counts. And whats more thoughtful than taking the time to buy a Fair Trade or go green gift Do ... tags: buyenvironmentallyfriendlygiftsgivinggoodgreen

Fashion is Going Green with Moly Kulte

03/04/08 Presents... Genevives Dumas and Flageol have created a whole range of clothing and accessories made from recycled textiles. ...

Collectible Spot - Planet Care Environmentally Friendly Toys Eco Friends

On today's Spot, we'll be having a look at the Planet Care Environmentally Friendly Toys Eco FriendsThe Review Spot's Music provided by ... tags: CareCollectibleEcoEnvironmentallyFriendlyFriendsPlanet

Village School Showcases Energy Efficiency

A 50-year-old school building in a Russian village has been completely outfitted as a showcase for the future of energy efficiency in a ... tags: economyenergyenvironmentallyfriendlygreenschooltech

Biodegradable Coffins a "Green" Choice for Funerals

There are now environmentally-friendly choices available for the final resting place, including coffins that return to nature.Powered by ... tags: businessCanadacasketcoffinecoenvironmentallyfriendly

Biogas Offers Clean Energy in Nepal

Biogas plants are improving the lives of Nepal's rural population. These plants save massive amounts of firewood and slash CO2 emissions by ... tags: changeclimateco2energyenvironmentallyfirewoodfriendly