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Reptiles Flourish and Grow When Climate Warming Occurs

Based on the massive warming that occurred around 60 million years ago, scientists speculate that once again reptiles could grow to the ...

Obama Issues Executive Order to Combat Climate Change

The President encouraged federal and state agencies to prepare for the potential adverse effects of climate change.

International Treaty to Decrease Mercury Pollution

A United Nations treaty focused on lowering mercury pollution has been adopted by over 140 countries around the world, with some beginning ...

Predictions for Climate Change Fallout Dire

With so much of the talk about climate change being dominating by discussions about the poles, a group of scientists recently pointed out ...

Man Makes Court Case Claiming He's a Climate Change Refugee

After his request for asylum was denied, a man who is looking for refuge in New Zealand hired a lawyer to file an appeal. His persecutor, ...

Diesel Exhaust Shown to Prevent Bees From Smelling Flowers

Pollinators like honeybees are attracted to the sweet scent of flowers, which entices them to land and drink the nectar. A new study from ...

Climate Change Leaves Caribou Calves Failing to Thrive

Two Penn State University researchers have linked Arctic melting to the increased mortality rates among young Caribou in Greenland. Two ...

Fragmented Rainforests Losing Species Faster than Believed

Based on a study conducted in Thailand, experts have confirmed that forest fragmentation has wiped out some species in as little as 5 ...

Evidence of Oxygen in Earth's Atmosphere Found in 3 Billion-Year-Old Soil

Researchers working together from several international universities have made a discovery showing that there might have been oxygen in the ...

Climate Change Might Cause Worse Storms

According to a new study, climate change and global warming might contribute to more severe weather like thunderstorms and tornadoes. ...

Earth's Axis Change Produces Ocean Nutrient

The patterns of movement as the Earth turns on its axis are called wobbling. These periodic changes in the movement of the planet correlate ...

Study: Climate Change Killed Mammoths

According to new research, the ancient creature known as a wooly mammoth didnt go extinct from being over hunted by humans, but rather from ...