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Understanding Oil and Natural Gas Industry Tax Deductions

Many people think the oil and natural gas industry receives tax subsidies, which is simply not true. API Tax Policy Advisor Brian Johnson ... tags: EnergyEnergy IndustryNatural GasOilOil IndustryTax Policy

$DXE Deutsche Bank Energy Index (DXE.X) Weekly Chart 2012

01/08/12 DXE Deutsche Bank Energy Index DXE.X Weekly Chart 2012. Please like, share, subscribe comment Free Trial Signup ... tags: $DXE20122012 Stock MarketAnalysisBankBusinessChart

Climate & Energy: Energy efficiency and air pollution

Energy efficiency director Michael Regan uncovers three ways we can cut air pollution and still have the power we need. tags: airChangeclimatecorpsdefenseefficiencyEnergy

Alan Steinfeld talks about living in the 5th Dimensional Realitiy

Alan Steinfeld of NewRealities talks with Eric Pearl and Kelly Woodruff about the next level of functioning as human people that we as a ... tags: AgeAlanAlan Dawa DolmaAlternativeAncientandAscension

Future food shortages: consumers, retail, farms, energy industry, biofuels - Futurist trends keynote

11/11/11 Future food crisis and why there are global food shortages. Population growth is often blamed but we have enough food ... tags: agriculture and Business Change Climate Cow Energy

Future of buildings, business, personal life - sustainability, carbon, real estate, energy keynote

Future of real estate for a more sustainable future. Impact of the 40 trillion green tech revolution. Impact on commercial property and ... tags: Business Change Clean Climate Electric Electricity Energy Development

Afghan Energy Wars

Antonia Juhasz From oil production to pipelines, energy is a major factor why the US won't leave Afghanistan anytime soon tags: energy Energy development Energy industry global oil Petroleum pipelines

Temperatures Beyond Myth [Global Warming Climate Change And Greenhouse Effect]

An original piece of work. This original piece is about global warming and climate change in poetic form. It is also contains greenhouse ... tags: Change Climate Climate change Earths Radiation Energy Energy Development Energy industry