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Target Breach Included Theft Of Encrypted PIN Data

Target confirmed PIN data was stolen during the retailer's security breach, but representatives say the data remained encrypted and safe. tags: encryptionnewsypin_numberssafesecurity_breachtargettarget_compromised

Microsoft Plans To Encrypt Server Traffic To Slow Down NSA

Microsoft intends to start encrypting the flow of information between its datacenters to prevent the NSA from spying on its data. tags: data_securityencryptionmicrosoftmicrosoft_encryptionmicrosoft_encryption_plansnsa_arms_racensa_countermeasures

Sonos Play:1 Review. Easy Gmail Backup. Kill Flash: End YouTube Buffering! TrueCrypt Security ...

On this episode of Tekzilla, we review the Sonos Play1, talk easy Gmail backup, auditing TrueCrypt, and much more

Secure Messaging and Air Traffic Control Hacking - Hak5

This time on Hak5, Darren speaks with RenderMan at Derbycon 2013 on vulnerabilities in the nextgen Air Traffic Control system and ATS-B. ...

Silk Road Seized, FBI Arrest 'Dread Pirate Roberts' Ross Ulbricht

In a sloppy twist of fate, a simple error by the infamous 'Dread Pirate Roberts' unravels the entire Silk Road kingdom of illegal online ...

Setup Your Own Private Cloud and Air Gaps - Hak5

The latest NSA leaks outline a massive program against internet encryption. What is safe anymore Can you trust PGP How do I implement ...

Setting Up the a Secure, Portable Linux Installation and Installing Ubuntu Touch - Hak5

Our thoughts on Ubuntu Touch and setting up the ultimate fast, secure, portable and persistant Linux installation. All that and more this ... tags: androidencryptioninstalllinuxmintnexusportable

Cyber security tips for safe surfing

The thought of online identity theft is frightening. Hackers can find everything from your banking information to your family's medical ... tags: EncryptionHackersInternetOnlinePhishingSafesafety

Microsoft Accused of Helping NSA With Encryption

A report from The Guardian says Microsoft helped the NSA to get around its own encryption programs to read Outlook messages. tags: encryptionfbimicrosoftnewsOutlookSkyDriveskype

Security Concerns: Indian Government Warns Blackberry

Mobile handset maker Blackberry may face a dark future in India. The reason Emails, SMSes, and messengers on Blackberries cannot be cracked ... tags: blackberrycivilencryptionmobileonprivacyrights

Smartphones Come Under Fire for Data Collection

Computer maker Apple faces pressure to respond to claims that its iPhone 4 records sensitive location data, which is transferred and stored ... tags: encryptionglobalinformationiplocationpositioningprivacy

How To Encrypt E-Mail Messages

Encrypting your messages so hackers are unable to read them is a popular security measure. Make sure no one's being naughty and reading ... tags: EmailsEncryptEncryptionSecurity