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Emerging Tech Talk #31 ? An Update about the ETT show itself

- In this brief Emerging Tech Talk episode, host Dan York provides an update about the ETT show itself, whats been going on, why the number ... tags: dan_yorkemerging_tech_talketttechnologyvoxeo

Emerging Tech Talk #32 - Voxeo Acquires IMified

What if you could develop self-service apps that interacted with users via IM In this episode, with the news see news release that Voxeo is ... tags: acquisitionsdan_yorkemerging_tech_talkettimifiedinstant_messagingtechnology

Emerging Tech Talk #33 - Build apps that use Twitter for customer interaction with IMified

If you start interacting with customers via Twitter - and are successful - how do you scale your efforts to meet demand What if you could ... tags: applicationsdan_yorkemerging_tech_talkettimifiedtechnologytwitter

Emerging Tech Talk #35 - Robert Sparks about SIPit and SIP interoperability

What is the SIPit test event all about How does it make communications systems better What do participants do at the event How can ... tags: dan_yorkemerging_tech_talkettietfsipsipittechnology

Emerging Tech Talk #36 - Christopher Penn about Google Wave

What is most interesting about Google Wave Back in June 2009 at an event happening near the Enterprise 2.0 conference in Boston, MA, I had ... tags: collaborationdan_yorkemerging_tech_talkettgooglegoogle_wavetechnology

Emerging Tech Talk #37 - Voxeo Acquires Motorola's VoiceXML Browser Business

What is a VoiceXML browser What is VoiceXML What role do they play in communication Why did Voxeo purchase Motorolaaposs VoiceXML browser ... tags: dan_yorkemerging_tech_talketttechnologyvoxeo

Emerging Tech Talk #34 - Jose de Castro about Voxeo's SpeechTEK booth and the 2,000 node telephony ...

Can you really build a 2,000-port IVR cluster using commodity low-end netbooks At the SpeechTEK conference in NY on August 26, 2009, host ... tags: dan_yorkemerging_tech_talkettnetbooksprophecyspeechtektechnology

Emerging Tech Talk #38 - Ted Gilchrist about location-based mashups and Brightkite

Host Dan York spoke with independent developer Ted Gilchrist about the VnoTed service he created that lets you call in and post location ... tags: dan_yorkemerging_tech_talkettimifiedmashupsspeechtektechnology

Emerging Tech Talk #39 - Initial Review of Blue Eyeball USB Webcam

Dan York recently purchased a Blue Eyeball USB webcam and in this episode provides an initial review of the portable webcam and shows a ... tags: camerasdan_yorkemerging_tech_talketteyeballreviewstechnology