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Eliott Keener Videos by Popular

Hunting Season Is Over

Hard Target 1993 - Hunting Season Is Over - Forced to put down his shotgun, Chance Jean-Claude Van Damme uses a grenade to finish off ... tags: Arnold_VoslooChance_BoudreauxChuck_PfarrerDet._Marie_MitchellDouglas_BinderDouglas_Forsythe_RyeElijah_Roper

Chance Rescues Natasha

Hard Target 1993 - Chance Rescues Natasha - When Natasha Yancy Butler is attacked by some thugs, Chance Jean-Claude Van Damme shows them ... tags: Arnold_VoslooChance_BoudreauxChuck_PfarrerDet._Marie_MitchellDouglas_BinderDouglas_Forsythe_RyeElijah_Roper

Hey Pigeon

Hard Target 1993 - Hey Pigeon - Chance Jean-Claude Van Damme uses a distraction from some pigeons to take out a henchman. tags: Arnold_VoslooChance_BoudreauxChuck_PfarrerDet._Marie_MitchellDouglas_BinderDouglas_Forsythe_RyeElijah_Roper

Uncle Douvee

Hard Target 1993 - Uncle Douvee - Fouchon Lance Henriksen and his men follow Chance8217s trail to the cabin of Uncle Douvee Wilford ... tags: Arnold_VoslooChance_BoudreauxChuck_PfarrerDet._Marie_MitchellDouglas_BinderDouglas_Forsythe_RyeElijah_Roper

Massage and Interrogation

Hard Target 1993 - Massage and Interrogation - Chance Jean-Claude Van Damme catches up to Poe Eliott Keener at the massage parlor and ... tags: Arnold_VoslooChance_BoudreauxChuck_PfarrerDet._Marie_MitchellDouglas_BinderDouglas_Forsythe_RyeElijah_Roper

Missed the Party

Hard Target 1993 - Missed the Party - Chance Jean-Claude Van Damme, Natasha Yancy Butler and Detective Mitchell Kasi Lemmons arrive at a ... tags: Arnold_VoslooChance_BoudreauxChuck_PfarrerDet._Marie_MitchellDouglas_BinderDouglas_Forsythe_RyeElijah_Roper

He's All Ears

Hard Target 1993 - He's All Ears - Fouchon Lance Henriksen and van Cleef Arnold Vosloo punish Poe Eliott Keener for providing their hunting ... tags: Arnold_VoslooChance_BoudreauxChuck_PfarrerDet._Marie_MitchellDouglas_BinderDouglas_Forsythe_RyeElijah_Roper

Rattlesnake Trap

Hard Target 1993 - Rattlesnake Trap - Chance Jean-Claude Van Damme bites the tail off a rattlesnake that8217s about to attack Natasha Yancy ... tags: Arnold_VoslooChance_BoudreauxChuck_PfarrerDet._Marie_MitchellDouglas_BinderDouglas_Forsythe_RyeElijah_Roper

Motorcycle Chase

Hard Target 1993 - Motorcycle Chase - A motorcycle chase ends in flames when Chance Jean-Claude Van Damme ghost-rides his bike into a truck ... tags: Arnold_VoslooChance_BoudreauxChuck_PfarrerDet._Marie_MitchellDouglas_BinderDouglas_Forsythe_RyeElijah_Roper

Hard Target - Trailer #1

Hard Target 1993 - Trailer 1 - Directed by John Woo and starring Jean-Claude Van Damme, Chuck Pfarrer, Robert Apisa, Arnold Vosloo, Lance ... tags: Arnold_VoslooChance_BoudreauxChuck_PfarrerDet._Marie_MitchellDouglas_BinderDouglas_Forsythe_RyeElijah_Roper

Wiping for Prints

Angel Heart 1987 - Wiping for Prints - Harry Angel Mickey Rourke returns after locking Dr. Fowler Michael Higgins in his room, only to find ... tags: Alan_ParkerBrownie_McGheeCharlotte_RamplingConnieDet._SterneDr._Albert_FowlerEliott_Keener

He Made a Pact with Satan

Angel Heart 1987 - He Made a Pact with Satan - Harry Angel Mickey Rourke confronts Mr. Krusemark Stocker Fontelieu about helping Johnny ... tags: Alan_ParkerBrownie_McGheeCharlotte_RamplingConnieDet._SterneDr._Albert_FowlerEliott_Keener