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Egyptians urged to vote in Tuesday's military-backed constitutional referendum

The leader of Egypts military has condemned continuing unrest on the streets of Cairo and urged people to turn out and vote in this weeks ... tags: ConstitutionconstitutionalEgyptEgyptiansmilitary-backedReferendumTuesdays

Egyptians reject 'stupid' new anti-protest powers

Egyptians have been protesting that a new law ratified on 24 November by Egyptian interim president Adly Mansour is abusive. The new law ... tags: Activismanti-protestEgyptEgyptiansEgyptian_politicsLawnew

Protesters hit Cairo's Tahrir on anniversary of deaths

Egyptians return to the streets to mark the two year anniversary of deadly clashes that killed more than 40 people. Many continue to call ... tags: andCairoscalldeathsDeborahEgyptiansfor

Egypt's top general to U.S.: You turned your back on the Egyptians

In a lengthy interview with the Washington Post, Egyptian Major Gen. Abdul Fattah al Sisi accused the U.S. of ignoring the will of the ...

Ancient Egyptians Forged Jewelry from Meteorites

It's been confirmed that the ancient Egyptians managed to forge jewelry from fallen iron meteorites, some 2000 years before their iron age. tags: ancientegyptiansfromjewelrymademeteorite

Queues as Egyptians vote in presidential run-off

Egyptians have begun voting in a highly-charged presidential election run-off.They have a choice between a conservative Islamist and a ... tags: EgyptEgyptiansElectionseuronewspresidentialQueuesrun-off

Egyptians rally against ruling military council

Tens of thousands of Egyptians gathered in Cairo's Tahrir Square on Tuesday evening to accuse the ruling military council of mounting a ... tags: againstcouncilDemonstrationEgyptEgyptianseuronewsmilitary

Morsy Egyptians' new hope

Mohamed Morsy's strength, many said, was not charisma. He benefited from Egypt's strong Muslim Brotherhood, as a key figure among those ... tags: EgyptEgyptiansElectionseuronewshopeMorsynew

Egyptians like Morsi's words, await action

Egypt's new President Mohamed Morsi's inaugural address to the nation appears to have gone down well with the population.Morsi said Egypt ... tags: actionawaitEgyptiansElectionseuronewslikeMorsis

Egyptians suffer cuts and queues as fuel crisis bites

The news from Egypt since 2011 has been dominated by politics, upheaval, and religious tensions, but daily needs are becoming a pressing ... tags: andcorrespondentsEgyptEgyptianseuronewsFromin

Egyptian presidential election

Egyptian Muslim Brotherhoods Mohamed Morsi seems to be leading in the latest count of the polls in the first round of the first popular ... tags: AhmedBrotherhoodEgyptEgyptiansMinisterMuslimPress