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India orders US to withdraw diplomat from New Delhi

As expelled diplomat Devyani Khobragade arrived in New Delhi, the diplomatic row between the U.S. and India continued to fester. India's ... tags: confirmsdiplomatseffectivelyGembaraIndiasitsNew

How To Use Social Media Effectively

How to use Social Media Effectively There are two different types of ways to use Social Media. One way is self endorsed by sharing in ... tags: CorrectEffectivelyHow_ToRightSelf_EndorsedSharingSocial_Media

How To Use Twitter For Traffic To Your Website Or Videos

Ever hear of Hashtag marketing Well now you have Thanks to me that is Hashtags can increase the way your content gets found using Twitter ... tags: BlogsCorrectDriveEffectivelyhashtagsPostsRight

Turkey's tunnel links east to west

It's 150 years since Ottoman sultans first dreamt up the idea. But a tunnel under Turkey's Bosphorus river is now finally open. It's 13 km ...

How To Communicate Effectively

An expert in the field of public speaking explains the skills required to be an effective communicator. Surprisingly, the gift of gab is ... tags: communicatecommunicationeffectiveeffectivelypublicspeaking

How to Study Effectively

Many people find studying to be a real drag, but if you're going to do it, you may as well do it right. tags: better_studyingcollege_adviceEffectivelyeffectivelyHowHowHowcastHow_to_Concentrate

Fortune Magazine announces its 'Top 25 best ...

Video 'Fortune Magazine announces its 'Top 25 best ...' from broadcastexchangeIn todays current economic climate, businesses around Britain ... tags: AllenbestcompaniesdataDaveDirectoreffectively