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Not One for Tears

The Aviator 2004 - Not One for Tears - Katharine Hepburn Cate Blanchett matter-of-factly announces that she will be leaving Hughes Leonardo ... tags: Adam_ScottAlan_AldaAlec_BaldwinAva_GardnerBrent_SpinerCate_BlanchettCigarette_Girl

Fine Pair of Misfits

The Aviator 2004 - Fine Pair of Misfits - Hughes Leonardo DiCaprio makes the acquaintance of Katharine Hepburn Cate Blanchett, movie star ... tags: Adam_ScottAlan_AldaAlec_BaldwinAva_GardnerBrent_SpinerCate_BlanchettCigarette_Girl

Show Me the Blueprints

The Aviator 2004 - Show Me the Blueprints - As part of his worsening OCD, Hughes Leonardo DiCaprio obsessively repeats himself while ... tags: Adam_ScottAlan_AldaAlec_BaldwinAva_GardnerBrent_SpinerCate_BlanchettCigarette_Girl

The Spruce Goose Flies

The Aviator 2004 - The Spruce Goose Flies - Howard Hughes Leonardo DiCaprio achieves his dream of flying the massive 8220Spruce Goose8221 ... tags: Adam_ScottAlan_AldaAlec_BaldwinAva_GardnerBrent_SpinerCate_BlanchettCigarette_Girl

Dinner with the Hepburns

The Aviator 2004 - Dinner with the Hepburns - Howard Leonardo DiCaprio has dinner with Katharine Hepburn8217s Cate Blanchett family, who ... tags: Adam_ScottAlan_AldaAlec_BaldwinAva_GardnerBrent_SpinerCate_BlanchettCigarette_Girl

Mrs. Soffel - Trailer #1

Mrs. Soffel 1984 - Trailer 1 - Directed by Gillian Armstrong and starring Mel Gibson, Matthew Modine, Edward Herrmann, Danny Corkill, ... tags: Danny_CorkillDiane_KeatonEdward_HerrmannEd_BiddleFactory_GirlGillian_ArmstrongHeather_Graham

No Boom Boom

Overboard 1987 - No Boom Boom - Dean Kurt Russell convinces Annie Goldie Hawn that she sleeps on the couch because of her bad back. tags: Adele_BurbridgeAndrewAnnie_ProffittBilly_PrattBrian_PriceCaptain_KarlCarol_Williard

I'm Your Husband

Overboard 1987 - I'm Your Husband - Dean Kurt Russell goes to the hospital to claim Joanna Goldie Hawn as his wife, 8220Annie.8221 tags: Adele_BurbridgeAndrewAnnie_ProffittBilly_PrattBrian_PriceCaptain_KarlCarol_Williard

Annie Is Catatonic

Overboard 1987 - Annie Is Catatonic - Dean Kurt Russell throws a catatonic Annie Goldie Hawn into a bucket of cold water, but she still ... tags: Adele_BurbridgeAndrewAnnie_ProffittBilly_PrattBrian_PriceCaptain_KarlCarol_Williard

Grant Ditches Joanna

Overboard 1987 - Grant Ditches Joanna - Grant Edward Herrmann sees on the news that Annie Goldie Hawn is in the hospital with amnesia, but ... tags: Adele_BurbridgeAndrewAnnie_ProffittBilly_PrattBrian_PriceCaptain_KarlCarol_Williard

Dean and Annie, Overboard

Overboard 1987 - Dean and Annie, Overboard - Dean Kurt Russell and Annie Goldie Hawn jump overboard and swim to each other in the middle of ... tags: Adele_BurbridgeAndrewAnnie_ProffittBilly_PrattBrian_PriceCaptain_KarlCarol_Williard

Cooking Fiasco

Overboard 1987 - Cooking Fiasco - Dean Kurt Russell tricks Joanna Goldie Hawn into making them all dinner the only problem being that she ... tags: Adele_BurbridgeAndrewAnnie_ProffittBilly_PrattBrian_PriceCaptain_KarlCarol_Williard