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NYC Cunt & Husband Call Another NYC Cunt & a Foriegn Couple!

NYC Cunt and Her Husband the Latin / Russian Guy Marketov call another NYC cunt and a foriegn couple ENJOY And DOn't forget to Subscribe ... tags: angryarkatovcallingcallscityconstructionscouple

Redneck Show S2E10 - Getting it on With Terry & Friends!

This is the Tenth episode of the Redneck Family Show in which Drug Alcohol Lady, Canadian Teens and Arnold's Escort try to seduce Terry ... tags: 0210accidentalabamaAlcoholandArnolds

Moore Family Show EP04 - Frank Garrett does his magic again!

This is episode four of the 'THE MOORE FAMILY SHOW'. in which Frank Garrett Makes his way with the woman of the house.. good old calm ... tags: alabamacallcallingcolarodaconstrucitonsconstructionscrank

Mad Mopar Man Still Looking For Some Dodge Parts!

Mad Mopar Man is mad because he can't find the dodge parts due to false advertisement on craiglist ENJOY and Don't forget to subscribe THE ... tags: angryarkansascallcallingchrisconstructionscraiglist

Pissed Off Rednecks Piss Off Some Other Rednecks!

The Pissed off rednecks are pissed off because they keep getting random calls so they take it out on some other pissed off rednecks. ENJOY ... tags: americaangryarkansascallcallingchrisconstructions

Moore Family Show EP03 - rude lady wants to know whats cooked!

This is episode three of the 'THE MOORE FAMILY SHOW'. in which the rude lady calls the family to find out if it's big daddy's pizza and ... tags: alabamacallcallingcolarodaconstrucitonsconstructionscrank

Redneck Show S2E09 - The Kids & Mom Call Judy!

This is the ninth episode of the Redneck Family Show in which Judy and her daughter make a comback called by Brian the foul mouth kid, Jake ... tags: 0209accidentalabamaalcoholandarnolds

Angry Black Guy's Banana Boat & Another Mississippi Family!

Angry Black Guy calls a Mississippi family over the calls he recieves on his banana boat.. Very similar to the call I made last year .. ... tags: Alcoholandangryanotherbananablackboat

Moore Family Show EP02 - getting to know the family

This is episode two of the 'THE MOORE FAMILY SHOW'. In this Episode serveral people call the family at different times.. ENJOY and Don't ... tags: alabamacallcallingcolarodaconstrucitonsconstructionscrank