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Birthday Ebook Freebie

Do you ever feel tired, lost, or just plain burned out The truth is you cannot give what you do not have. When you are full, vibrant, and ... tags: Birthdaybooksebookebooksebook_giveawaykindlekindle_books

Digital Competition for the Printed Book | Arts.21

With the rise of downloadable e-books, reading habits are in transition. Digital media are putting pressure on conventional publishing ... tags: artsarts_21deutsche_welledigital_mediae-booksfine_artjonas_winner

FBI Hunts for the Internet Love Spy!

Watch an Entire Movie in 40 Instagramers Sells Drugs Twitters IPO at 70 Bookshops Last Out At The Kindle

Amazon entices brick and mortar stores with Source

11/06/13 Amazon Source may be coming to a neighborhood near you. The program offers discounts and incentives to bookstores and retailers to ...

Google builds floating stores!

Get Books Before Their Release In-home Imax Nokia comes back Bill Gates Internet wont save the world.

Don't Google Glass and Drive.

Adobe Hack Affects 38 Million. Barnes and Nobles new e-reader. Steve Jobs named historic site. Facebook admits to loosing Younger ...

Digital Transformation - the 2011 Frankfurt Book Fair | Arts 21

The world's largest book and media trade fair is taking place at a time of sweeping change. Is the good old book on the way out ...

Online Piracy: Publisher 'Campus' Fights Illegal Downloads | Made in Germany

Is Internet piracy a mass phenomenon In 2010, about 3.7 million Germans downloaded media illegally - not just music and films, but also ...

Amazon Announces Ebook Matching Service

Amazon's MatchBook will give customers a chance to buy ebook versions of their physical books at a steep discount.

Garmin's Heads Up Display! Make Long Passwords Stronger. Fix A Scratched LCD Screen? Do Digital ...

On today's Tekzilla, we look at the shiny Garmin Head-Up Display, the new version of Hashcat password cracker, get set straight on Android ...

Malmedy: la bibliothèque propose de consulter des E Books

Malmedy la bibliothque propose de consulter des E Books..