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Dog Training Tips | Sit Means Sit

02/25/12 Here are a few tips if you like to train your dog by yourself in the water. A lot of times I like to train my dog by ... tags: bestbusinesscareerDogDog TrainingDogseducation

Dog Training Competitions can be fun! Test your skills!

02/23/12 At Sit Means Sit Dog Training, we believe that competing with your dog can be very healthy and can bring your training ... tags: ActionAnimalAnimalsbehaviorbusinessCombatcompetitions

What will be your career? -15 year old Dog Trainer

02/20/12 15 year old Mackenzie Aeberli enjoys being outdoors and working with animals and people. Her career has ... tags: AnimalsBusinessCareerDogdog trainingDogsEducation

ParCool: Roofs & walls no obstacle for extreme daredevil doggy

The extreme sport that seems to defy gravity and some of the rules of physics appeals to many two legged adrenalin junkies, and now a four ... tags: Alexey Yaroshevskydog trainingparkourparkour dogparkour dog ukrainepet video parkourRT

How Anyone Can Be a Great Dog Trainer Almost Immediately

01/21/12 Please 'like' The BEST DOG TRAINING PAGE on FACEBOOK Follow me on Twitter My main channel ... tags: beCutedogDog TrainingDogshowinstinct

Understanding YOUR Dog's Currency!

01/29/12 The BEST DOG TRAINING PAGE on FACEBOOK Follow me on Twitter My main channel My video blog ... tags: AgilitydiscdogDog TrainingDogsdrinkdriven

Cesar's Dog Training Video: Aggression During Feeding

The winners of 'Dogs Behaving Badly' contest are Felipe and his deaf dog Maluquinho from Brazil. The fans voted that Felipe ... tags: aggressive problem behaviorCesar Millandog problemsdog trainingdog training adviceovercome dog behavior problemsovercome dog problems

Dog Psychology - Why Certain Ideas about Learning Collapse under their Own Weight

Trainer Dale McCluskey discusses the issues and problems association with how learning theory is being used by many to train dogs. Visit ... tags: behavioral scienceclicker training dogscounter conditioningdale mccluskeydog aggressiondog agilitydog behaviorist

A Challenge for those who Exploit Learning Theory and Misrepresent Dominance

Trainer Dale McCluskey puts forward a challenge to those who exploit learning theory and conditioning for the sake of a dog medicating and ... tags: behavioral sciencecesar millanclicker trainingcounter conditioningdog aggressiondog psychologydog star daily

The Mind and Body Connection - New and Profound Insight into the Dog and Human Dynamic

Dale McCluskey discusses his new book which lifts the curtain on the very special connection dogs share with us through nature and the pack ... tags: conditioning dogsdog psychologydog traininglearning theory dogsthe mind and body connection

The Dog and Human Connection

Trainer Dale McCluskey discusses what the shared connection represents as it aligns with unwanted behavior issues and problems. Visit ... tags: calming signals dogscesar millanclicker trainingcounter conditioningdog aggressiondog psychologydog star daily