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Dog Agility Videos by Popular

Dog Psychology - Why Certain Ideas about Learning Collapse under their Own Weight

Trainer Dale McCluskey discusses the issues and problems association with how learning theory is being used by many to train dogs. Visit ... tags: behavioral scienceclicker training dogscounter conditioningdale mccluskeydog aggressiondog agilitydog behaviorist

Fun frisbee and agility dog training

12/07/11 it can be fun combining agility and Frisbee dog training together. The dog would have been able to catch the frisbee ... tags: AgilityCatchDogDog AgilityDogsFredfredhassen

Dog Frisbee Training - Roll your frisbees and practice obedience

12/15/11 As you can see in this dog training video, there are a lot of things that you can use your frisbees for besides the ... tags: AgilityDog AgilityDogsfetchFredfredhassenfrisbee

Dog Agility Training - Long Distance tunnels or hoops.

12/19/11 It is fun to practice your dog running through tunnels or hoops from longer distances and will help to proof your dog ... tags: agilitydogDog AgilityDog TrainingDogsfetchFred Hassen

Agility dog training - Tunnel with distraction

12/21/11 For a thorough understanding of a tunnel command to the dog, I like to teach it with distraction, and from different ... tags: agilitybelgiandogDog AgilityDogsfetchfredhassen

Dog rides skateboard

11/28/11 a client of sit means sit dog training shows his skills with his pitbull border collie mix riding a skateboard. A lot ... tags: Agility Border Class Client Collie Cute Dog Agility

Fun Dog Training - Hoops on stairs (and other stuff)

11/14/11 Just a bunch of things chained together that combines agility, retrieving, obedience, running straight lines, whistle ... tags: Agility behavior casting class classes College Dog Agility

Retriever dog and agility training through hoop

11/02/11 A longer retrieve through the hoop followed by a back cast through. tags: Agility Cast Dog Dog Agility Dog Training Dogs Field

Dog Training - Fred Hassen unedited training session

11/06/11 This is just an unedited 8 training session that I took advantage of all the distraction at a big event that ... tags: Agility business commands distraction Dog Agility Dog Training Dogs

Agility Dogs, Flyball and More Dog Events at Dog Fair

A Dog Fair at La Habra Heights Dog Days of Summer has a full day of dog events Dancing with dogs 011 , agility dogs 038 herding 111, disc ... tags: adopt critter cooler dancing with dogs disc dogs Dog agility dog days of summer dog events

Dog Agility Running the Ventura Agility Course

Some slick agility dogs training on the agility course in Ventura. Agility training at this level is wonderful to see. We brought out some ... tags: agility course agility Training canine agility dog Training dog event dog water wateragility course

City of Chandler Woofstock Dog Agility, Pet Adoption Event

Dog Agility and Flyball at the City of Chandler Woofstock Pet Adoption Dog Event had live music, great food and a dog walk. Critter Coolers ... tags: City of Chandler Critter Cooler dog wailk dog walk flyball live music dog event pet adoption