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Dod Videos - 2 by Popular

Crotone, concerto della natività dedicato al piccolo Dodò Gabriele

stato un concerto di Natale allinsegna del ricordo di Dod Gabriele il tradizionale appuntamento al teatro Apollo di Crotone con il concerto ... tags: apolloconcertocrotonedidodògabrielenatale

Dope D.O.D. Molodoi - Strasbourg - 16.02.2012

Extrait du concert de Dope D.O.D. au molodoi de Strasbourg , le jeudi 16 Fvrier 2012.captation Laurent Khram Longviway / Renaud ... tags: doddopeeffectsjarringkhrammolodoipelpass

Vast US Spy Network Out of Control

The Washington Post published the results of a major two-year investigation, revealing that the government's post 9/11 top-secret world has ... tags: 911ciacovertdodnsaoperationspost

Temps qu'à faire • CONTES ET PEINTURE

9'33 Captation thtre TEMPS QU' FAIRE - Contes et peinture Captation enregistre le 16 juin 2011 au Cercle 76 de Villeurbanne Conteuse Anne ... tags: AnneContesDodGaëlKovalevskyPeinture

'US army leave ASAP to stop civilian deaths in Afghanistan'

In northern Afghanistan, over a thousand people have joined a protest to demand foreign troops get out of the country. The rally in the ... tags: AfghanAfghanistanBillciviliansDodforeigngo

War Spoils? UK guns used against NATO troops

American soldiers in Afghanistan have recovered two British machine guns following a battle with the Taliban. An investigation into how the ... tags: AfghanistanBennBillcampaignDodIraqTony

Israel's Loyalty Oath: Need or Provocation?

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has ordered a change to the controversial Citizenship Bill so that Jews as well as non-Jews will ... tags: ArabsAvivBillDodIsraelIsraeliJerusalem

Firing blank cheques: Debt doesn't stop UK from war rush

Britain's upping its military presence in Libya, with more of its Tornado jets being sent in. But as the country continues to tighten its ... tags: BillcoalitionDodEmmettforeigngovernmentLaura

Rival Ambitions: US & China on collision course over Libya?

To talk more about the global ambitions of western powers, RT talks to London-based journalist and author Afshin Rattansi.RT on Facebook RT ... tags: airBillbombingcombatDodinterventionoperation

Libya Campaign: The longer the better?

RT talks to Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya, an expert in the Middle East and central Asia. RT on Facebook RT on Twitter tags: airBillbombingcombatDodinterventionoperation

Private Jets for Poor: EU aid frolics & fraudsters

The EU's 11 bln Euro aid budget has come in for criticism. Some are questioning whether the money is finding its way to the right people ... tags: bailoutBannermanBillCampbellDavidDodEurope

Will America default on 2 August?

And on the other side of the Atlantic, President Obama has warned the U.S. is running out of time to deal with its debt crisis. If ... tags: AmericaBillcrisisdebtdefaultdemocratsDod