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Agree to Disagree: Wild Card Winners

FOX Sports Live debates some potential weekend headlines. tags: 49ersbengalschargerschiefsdisagreefootballfsl

The Chancellor and her Vice-Chancellor | People & Politics

German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle is supposed to be leading Germany's diplomatic efforts abroad, but instead, he's embroiled in ... tags: DeutschedisagreeDW-TVGermanyMerkelPeoplePolitics

Momma Cat Abducts Duck, duck disagrees

It elevated it from fairly cute to god-tier cute. Watch more videos here Facebook page tags: adoptedanimalbabycatcutedisagreeduck

Obama: "Common bond" where we must begin

During his victory speech following his projected win the in the 2012 election, President Obama says that Americans will disagree, but we ...

U.S. Senate's deep divide

Washington University professor Steven Smith tells Steve Kroft that Americans are polarized - and tend to trust their own parties to fight ...

Is Sen. Coburn Dr. No?

Sen. Tom Coburn, author of 'The Debt Bomb,' tells Steve Kroft he's not an obstructionist -- he just doesn't want to waste money on programs ...

Party leaders more concerned with public opinion than negotiating shutdown solution

As the government shutdown drags on, the people at the center of the budgetary tug-of-war continue to engage in a game of high-stakes ...

Supercommittee unable to agree on cuts

The Congressional supercommitte has only six days left to come up with a plan to trim 1.2 trillion from the national debt, and as Nancy ...

Supercommittee pessimistic as deadline approaches

With just four days to go before Wednesday's deadline, members of the Congressional supercommittee talked by phone today, but held no ...

Deficit talks continue to come up empty

The congressional supercommittee came up empty in talks to reduce the country's deficit by 1.2 trillion over ten years. Whit Johnson ...

Supercommittee failure risks another recession

The failure of U.S. and European governments to deal with their debts sent stock prices sharply lower, and as Anthony Mason reports, could ...

Congress races clock on unemployment, tax cuts

With the failure of the 'supercommittee' to reach an agreement on cutting the deficit, members of Congress have barely a month to address ...