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Deepak Chopra On Living A Healthy and Fulfilling Life

Innovative thinker Deepak Chopra gives Diana Madison the Lowdown on his latest book 'What Are You Hungry For' Deepak dives into his ... tags: deepak_chopra_life_lessonsdiana_madisondiet_tipsfitness_tipslife_lessons_deepak_chopraspiritual_gurustaying_healthy

Avoiding Holiday Season Weight Gain

Once on the lips, forever on the hips. Half the weight we gain all year comes during the weeks leading up to the new year. Well show you ... tags: AvoidingAvoiding_Gaining_PoundsbreakthroughAvoidingChristmasChristmas_Weight_gainChristmas_Weight_Watchingdiet_advice

Simple Tips to Lose Weight

In this edition of EmpowHER's, 'HER Health ', Michelle King Robson shares a few simple tips that women can follow to shed weight easy and ... tags: 100CaloriesCutCuttingDaydiet_adviceDiet_tips

Tips to Deal with Obesity

Stress and negative thought patterns can contribute to obesity. Find out how. tags: comfortDealDiet_tipsdifficultiesemotional_eatingempowherfoods

How to Make Better Bad Food Choices

Fitness expert John Basedow discusses how to avoid over eating your favorite foods without giving them up. tags: BadBetterchangeChoicesdietDiet_tipseating_right

Healthy Snack Alternatives to Fast Food

Nutrition coach Rovenia Dr. Ro Brock comes to the rescue of a detective whos been investigating too many fast food restaurants. tags: AlternativesDetective_Dave_WolseyDiet_tipsDr._RoFastFoodfoods

Late Night Eating Makeover

Dietitian Carolyn ONeil comes to the rescue of an actor whose late-night rehearsal schedule is wreaking havoc on his waistline and blood ... tags: carolyn_o’neilDiet_tipsEatingeverwellFood_MakeoverHealthy_SnacksHealth_Diet_Nutrition

Weight Loss Quiz

What's more detrimental to your dietcalories, carbs or fat Can low-fat foods really help you lose weight Test your weight-loss knowledge ... tags: diet_tipsHealthlose_weightlow_calorielow_carblow_fatportion_control

How to Rejuvenate Skin with an Anti-Inflammatory Diet

What causes wrinkles and sagging skin Sun damage, sure, but also inflammation, according to renowned dermatologist Dr. Nicholas Perricone. ... tags: antiAnti-Inflammatoryanti_inflammatory_dietDietDiet_tipsDr._Nicholas_PerriconeHealth_Diet_Nutrition