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Shezanne Cassim To Be Freed, Kenneth Bae's Chances Hurt By Dennis Rodman?

Shezanne Cassim was sentenced to a year in prison last month for posting a parody video. The video was said to defame the image of the UAE ... tags: cassimdeadlydennisdennis_rodman_basketball_north_koreadennis_rodman_north_koreakennethrodman

Rodman sings Happy Birthday to North Korean leader

Dennis Rodman has sung Happy Birthday to North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un in front of a hall full of people in Pyongyang. Report by Fudgea. ... tags: dennis_rodmandennis_rodman_basketball_stardennis_rodman_in_north_koreadennis_rodman_kim_jong_undennis_rodman_koreadennis_rodman_north_koreaitn

Dennis Rodman arrives in North Korea for Kim's birthday

Former NBA basketball star Dennis Rodman arrives in Pyongyang, as thousands hold a New Year rally for Kim Jong Un in the capital's main ... tags: birthdaycapitaldeaddennis_rodman_basketballdennis_rodman_kim_jong_undennis_rodman_north_koreaexecuted

Dennis Rodman Visits North Korea, Blows Up On CNN Interview

Dennis Rodman is on his fourth visit to North Korea. During another trip in which he intends to grow the game of basketball in the country ... tags: chris_cuomo_cnn_dennis_rodmancnndennis_rodmandennis_rodman_basketball_north_koreadennis_rodman_cnn_chris_cuomodennis_rodman_kim_jong_undennis_rodman_north_korea

Dennis Rodman visits North Korea to play basketball

Dennis Rodman spoke about North Korean leader Kim Jong-un at Beijing Airport on Monday, as he headed to Pyongyang. Report by Morrism. Like ... tags: dennis_rodman_basketballdennis_rodman_kim_jong_undennis_rodman_north_koreakim_jong-un_rodmannorth_korea_visit

Dennis Rodman won't raise execution on North Korea trip

Dennis Rodman is visiting his 'friend' Kim Jong Un but says the trip is about basketball and fun, not to talk about a recent execution. ... tags: asiadennis_rodman_executiondennis_rodman_going_to_north_koreadennis_rodman_north_koreadennis_rodman_north_korea_tripitnitnnews

Dennis Rodman's Planning Another Trip To North Korea

The Worm is due to make his third trip to the Hermit Kingdom. This time he's expected to help train North Korea's basketball team. tags: dennis_rodman_kim_jong-undennis_rodman_north_koreakim_jong-un_basketballthe_worm_kim_jong-unthe_worm_north_korea

Dennis Rodman Named 'Least Influential' Person of 2013

Dennis Rodman's relationship with Kim Jong-Un is responsible for landing him atop GQ's 'Least Influential People of 2013' list. tags: dennisdennis_rodman_basketball_diplomacydennis_rodman_newsdennis_rodman_north_koreadennis_rodman_north_korea_tripinfluentiallist

Dennis Rodman Goes Off On Kobe Bryant At Hotel

As if his trip to North Korea didnt raise enough eyebrows for Dennis Rodman, the five-time NBA champion verbally bashed a former teammate ...