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Female demonstrators given heavy prison sentences

Egyptian authorities handed down heavy prison sentences on Wednesday to a group of female supporters of the ousted Islamist president, ... tags: DemonstratordemonstratorsEgyptgivenheavyHuman_RightsMorsi

"Occupy" movement still lacking a single focus

Five weeks after it began, there's still no single list of demands by the 'Occupy' movement. But, protesters say -- right now -- that's not ...

Turkish protesters clash with police

Turkish police fired teargas and water cannons as anger erupts across the country following the death of a protester earlier in the day. ...

Demonstrations Continue in the Middle East

Demonstrators in Libya, Algeria, Yemen and Bahrain are defying their governments amid communications clampdowns and restricted media ... tags: AlgeriaarabBahraindemonstratorinternetLibyaspring

Protesters Set Fire to Mubarak's Party Headquarters

Egypt remained in chaos as tens of thousands of anti-government protesters defied a night curfew and some reportedly set fire to President ... tags: arabCairocurfewdemonstratorEgyptHosniMubarak

Syrian Violence Continues

Reports said more than 70 people were killed in Syria during mass protests. It's said to be the most deadly violence in a month of ... tags: al-Assadanti-governmentBasharcivildemonstratormosqueprotest

Egyptian Demonstrators and Military Clash

Egyptian demonstrators and soldiers clashed in a pre-dawn raid on Cairo's central Tahrir SquarePowered by Producer CBC tags: demonstratorEgyptegyptianprotestraidrevolutionsquare

Clashes at Occupy Vancouver Camp

The City of Vancouver and a lawyer for the Occupy Vancouver protesters will return to court as the city attempts to win a court injunction ... tags: campCanadaChudemonstratorJimoccupyprotest

City of Vancouver Wants Occupy Eviction

The City of Vancouver and a lawyer for the Occupy Vancouver protesters will return to court Wednesday as the city attempts to win a court ... tags: campCanadacourtdemonstratorinjunctionoccupyprotest

Occupy Protesters to Target Stock Exchange, Transit Hubs

Two days after the encampment that sparked the global Occupy movement was cleared by authorities, demonstrators are marching through New ... tags: anniversarydemonstratorexchangeoccupyparkststock

Abortion Rally Brings Both Sides of the Debate in Canada

Hundreds of pro-choice and anti-abortion demonstrators faced off at a rally outside Charlottetown's Province House Saturday.Powered by ... tags: anti-abortionCanadademonstratorhousepeiprovincerally