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8 bug excavators demolish a 1400 tonne bridge over the M1

In just 15.5 hours the Highways Agency and its contractors Armac, the demolition company, and Costain-Carrillion JV, the main contractor, ... tags: bridgecardemolishdemolitiondestroyexcavatorhighway

More than a tonne of explosives demolish flyover in Rio

Officials in Brazil used more than a tonne of explosives to demolish a flyover in the port region of Rio de Janiero on Sunday, as part of a ... tags: BrazilConcretedemolishExplosiveflyoverImplosionRio

Newtown Sandy Hook school demolition: Every trace to be removed of crime scene

Workers in Newtown, Conn., are starting to tear down Sandy Hook Elementary School Friday morning. Contractors are asked to remove every ...

Sinkhole home demolished in Florida

Demolition crews in Seffner, Fla., began tearing down the home where a sinkhole tragically swallowed a man while he was in his bedroom. ...

Tokyo man evicted to make way for Olympic stadium - again

Kohei Jinno was forced to leave his Tokyo house ahead of the 1964 Olympic Games to make way for a new stadium. Five decades later, the ...

Watch: Old Macy's building implosion

The implosion of the former Macy's building in Houston, Texas, drew hundreds of onlookers. The 10-story landmark building was demolished to ...

Crews Demolish Wrong House After Homeowner Sneakily Switched Address Numbers

Under bizarre circumstances, wrecking crews in Pontiac, Michigan recently demolished the wrong house. Imagine driving past your house and ...

Egyptian tunnels destroyed

Egyptian security forces destroyed a number of underground tunnels in Sinai running from Egypt to the Gaza Strip on Saturday August 24. The ... tags: CutdemolishdestroyedEgyptianforcesnarrationreporter

Inverkip Power Station chimney demolished

Demolition experts bring down Scotland's tallest free-standing structure. The Inverkip Power Station chimney is demolished with two ... tags: chimneydemolishdemolitionexplosioninverclydeinverkippower

The Newshour Debate: Demolish the indifference Campaign

Mahi perhaps would have lived had it not been for the indifference of the authorities. Mahi is gone, but the indifference remains at every ... tags: #2012#ArnabGoswami#campaign#Debate#demolish#India#indifference

Eight-year-old boy demolishes chimney

A young boy pushes the plunger to kick-start the demolition of a chimney tower in Hartlepool. Report by Cooperg. Like us on Facebook at and ... tags: AndchimneydemolishdemolitiondestroyFinallyHartlepool