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Hundreds Seek To Flee Central African Republic On Emergency Flights

Hundreds of people tried to flee inter-religious violence in the Central African Republic on Saturday aboard emergency flights to ... tags: AirAishatou_AbdelkarimCongoDemocraticForceMember_states_of_the_United_NationsRepublic

Child homelessness in New York

At a time when Wall Street is absolutely swimming in wealth, New York City is experiencing an epidemic of homelessness.nbsp There are more ... tags: Child_homelessnessDemocraticfederal_housing_subsidieshomeless_familiesincome_inequalityNew_YorkPoverty

Video of the day | Good riddance?

Twenty years ago,protesters filled the streets of the German Democratic Republic,anxious for change. Today,the successor party to East ... tags: DayDemocraticDeutscheDeutschlandDW-TVGermanGermany

People & Politics | 60 Years since East Germany was Founded

The German Democratic Republic was founded on October 7,1949. The self-styled 'socialist state of workers and farmers' was founded in the ... tags: DDRDemocraticDeutscheDeutschlandDW-TVGermanGermany

10 Years as Party Chairwoman | People & Politics

Angela Merkel is not only Chancellor of Germany, but as a Protestant from a religious family she has also been the Chairwoman of the ... tags: AngelaCDUChairwomanChancellorChristianDemocraticDeutsche

Congo: Combating Illegal Coltan Mining | Global 3000

The Democratic Republic of Congo has rich deposits of gold, diamonds, copper and other minerals that unscrupulous business people have been ... tags: 3000ColtanCongoCultureDemocraticDeutscheDW-TV

Citizens, Bigwigs and Arbitrators | European Journal

Many ordinary German citizens are no longer willing to simply accept decisions made by the state. The new railway station project, ... tags: democraticDeutscheDeutschlanddifferencesDW-TVEuropaEuropean

Denmark: More Democracy in Education | European Journal

Democratic schools place particular emphasis on children's right to self-determination. Like the famous Summerhill School in Britain, they ... tags: anti-authoritarianDemocracyDemocraticDenmarkDeutscheDW-TVEducation

German SPD considers coalition with Merkel

The Social Democratic Party of Germany held their federal party convention in Leipzig. Amid ongoing tough coalition talks with the ... tags: BerlinDemocraticEuropePartySocialSPD

New poll: %60 pro a third major party

According to a new Gallop poll amid the government shutdown, 60 of Americans say the Democratic and Republicans parties do such a poor job ...