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Dee Bradley Baker Videos - 3 by Popular

Seth On Working With His Sister

A fan asks Seth MacFarlane if it is difficult to voice characters opposite his sister actress Rachael MacFarlane on 'American Dad' and ... tags: American_Dad!AnimationBody_DoublesCartoonsChris_HardwickCIAComedy

Francine Is a Hot Mom!

The panelists discuss similarities between their own physical appearances and those of their characters. They agree that Francine is the ... tags: American_Dad!AnimationCartoonsChris_HardwickComedyDee_Bradley_BakerFrancine_Smith

Seth On Paul Lynde and Patrick Stewart

Seth MacFarlane readily admits that Paul Lynde was the inspiration for Roger and offers some vocal impressions of the 'Hollywood Squares' ... tags: American_Dad!AnimationArchaeologistsCaptain_PicardCartoonsChristmas_CarolChris_Hardwick

Seth On Johnny Bravo and Hanna-Barbera

Seth MacFarlane and producer Kara Vallow recall their early work together at Hanna-Barbera on 'Johnny Bravo' and other shows. Voice actor ... tags: AgentsAmerican_Dad!AnimationCartoonsChris_HardwickComedyCow_and_Chicken

Everybody Loves Scott Grimes

Moderator Chris Hardwick muses that 'everybody loves Scott Grimes' which prompts several panelists to share their thoughts about Scott. ... tags: Allen_GregoryAmerican_Dad!AnimationCartoonsChris_HardwickComedyDee_Bradley_Baker

Singing Stars and Early Crushes

As Dee Bradley Baker vocalizes, executive producer Mike Barker talks about the cast's vocal abilities and muses that their characters ... tags: American_Dad!AnimationCartoonsChris_HardwickComedyCrushesDee_Bradley_Baker

Seth Goes Back to the Future

Seth MacFarlane talks about who Stan Smith would support for President in 2012. Seth mentions his purchase of a DeLorean and his admiration ... tags: American_Dad!AnimationBack_To_The_FutureCartoonsChris_HardwickComedyDee_Bradley_Baker

Seth MacFarlane and Friends On Season 7's Start

Seth MacFarlane and executive producers Mike Barker and Matt Weitzman talk about the new season of 'American Dad' and recall not knowing if ... tags: American_Dad!AnimationCancellationCartoonsChris_HardwickComedyDee_Bradley_Baker

Seth MacFarlane and Cast On Joining the Show

Seth MacFarlane discusses the casting of voice actors Rachael MacFarlane, Scott Grimes, Wendy Schaal, and Dee Bradley Baker. Dee ... tags: American_Dad!AnimationAuditionsBand_of_BrothersCartoonsCastingChris_Hardwick

Recording the Voices and the Creative Process

Seth MacFarlane and his voice cast say they must record their parts in isolation but they do get together for table reads. Seth credits ... tags: American_Dad!AnimationCartoonsCee_Lo_GreenChris_HardwickComedyDee_Bradley_Baker

On High-Pitched Voices and Hernias

Moderator Chris Hardwick vainly attempts to find out if the series was initially created due to the belief that 'Family Guy' was being ... tags: American_Dad!AnimationCancellationCartoonsChris_HardwickComedyDee_Bradley_Baker