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Venezuela's Maduro assumes decree powers 'to fight corruption'

Venezuela has formally handed over extraordinary political powers to President Nicols Maduro. The legislative National Assembly has chosen ... tags: assumescorruptiondecreefightMaduroNicolás_Maduropowers

President Maduro preparing to rule Venezuela by decree

President Nicolas Maduros request for the power to rule by decree has, in a preliminary congressional poll, received the 99 votes it ... tags: AmericasCorruptionDecreeVenezuela

Afghan clerics issue decree curbing women's freedoms

Deh Saleh, Afghanistan, where tensions are brewing as local clerics restrict women's rights. A recent decree bars women from leaving home ... tags: AfghanistanandbusinessesdecreefromLocalnorthern

Putin signs decree hindering EU's Gazprom probe

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree to protect the interests of strategic Russian companies operating abroad.The decree ... tags: decreeeuronewsEUsGasGazpromhinderingprobe

Christopher Plummer Actor Spotlight

We take a look at Christopher Plummer's career leading up to the 2012 Oscars tags: byDecreeDragonGirlMurderTattooThe

Unrest across Egypt as Mursi grants himself new powers

Demonstrators run for cover in Cairo after protests erupt over a new government decree. President Mohamed Mursi granted himself new powers, ... tags: aboveDeborahdecisionsdecreeelectedhimselfissues

Mursi's new Egypt decree draws protesters to Tahrir Square

Hundreds of protesters converge on Cairo's Tahrir Square on Friday, angered by their President Mohamed Mursi. In a decree on Thursday, ... tags: decreeEgyptianMursispoliceProtestersriotSarah

Egypt's president increases powers in controversial decree

Has Egypt replaced one autocrat with another Some protesters, who have been clashing with police near Tahrir Square on and off since ... tags: controversialdecreedrawsEgyptianEgyptsincreasespresidents

Clashes in Cairo amid anti-Mursi protests

Violent clashes kick off on the streets of Cairo early on Sunday morning. Security forces launch tear gas as protesters return fire with ... tags: anti-MursiClashesdecreedemonstrationsEgyptianMursisPolice

Muslim Brotherhood condemns attacks in Alexandria

Inside the Muslim Brotherhood headquarters in Alexandria Egypt. Shattered glass in the hallways. Offices covered in debris. On Saturday ... tags: AlexandriaattacksCairodecreeMuslimofficepartys

Mass protests against Mursi across Egypt

Tens of thousands of Egyptians gather in Cairo's famed Tahrir Square to protest against President Mohamed Mursi. Demonstrators stayed ... tags: againstandCairosdecreeEgyptiansissuedPresident