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Decline Videos - 3 by Popular

Lego bucks the toy sales decline trend

Girl power helped Lego build a big block of profit in the first half of the year. Earning rose 35 percent from the same period in 2011, to ... tags: bucksdeclineDenmarkeuronewsIndustryLegosales

Elysha Krupp Discusses The Decline of Men

AskMen Editor Elysha Krupp delves into Hanna Rosin's suggestion that modern men are on the decline tags: bookdeclinedynamicsendhuntingJobmasculinity

Decline of Dollar hegemony

Over the past few years, the dollar has been falling in value relative to the currencies of its major trading partners due to many reasons ... tags: currencyDeclineforeigninterestmarketsMoneyPress

Fewer violent crimes in US amid recession

The United States continues to suffer from high unemployment but amid the poor state of the economy, a surprising trend has emerged.The ... tags: ackermanaljazeeraamericasnewscrimedeclinepoliceresources

How To Gain Muscle Quick

Learn how to gain muscle fast with this easy to follow tutorial from Videojug. tags: benchclosedeclinegripgympresstraining

Investment strategist expects medium-term euro decline

Renaissance Capitals chief strategist believes the budget deficits in the eurozone will led to a weakening of the European currency in the ... tags: declineEuroexpectsinvestmentStrategist

How To Get Pecks

The ladies love a guy with big pecks. Watch this video and learn from personal trainer Dan how you can obtain big pecks. tags: declineexercisefitnesspeckspectoralpressup

Battle to cut baby death rates

Population decline has been a problem in Russia for decades. Government has put in place a range of initiatives to reverse the downward ... tags: Babydeathdeclinefightmortalitypopulationrate

Russia-OPEC: common problems and common future

Today we will talk about oil prices. As OPEC ministers gather in Algeria this week, attention has turned to Russia. Unprecedented price ... tags: AlgeriadeclineenergymembershipoilOPECprice

Decline Chest Press with Dumbbells - Personal Training Exercise of the Day

Learn one personal training exercise or tip each day. This video series will show you aerobic exercises, strengthening exercises, floor ... tags: ChestDeclineDumbbellsPersonalpregnancypregnantPress

Eurozone GDP decline slows, retail sales still weak

There was mixed news for the eurozone as the region's economic contraction slowed in the first three months of this year compared with the ... tags: declineeconomyeuronewsEuropeEuropeanEurozoneGDP