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How the budget deadline is like 'Seinfeld'

TheBudgetGuy Stan Collender tells Chris Cillizza what the much-anticipated budget deadline has in common with the hit nineties television ... tags: @TheBudgetGuybudget_committeebudget_conferencebudget_conference_committeebudget_deadlineBudget_GuyChris_Cillizza

Spain's debt hits new record high

Madrid, Dec 13 EFE.- Spain's public debt climbed to 954.9 billion euros 1.3 trillion in the third quarter, equivalent to a new record high ... tags: banksbubbledebteconomyefegdpproperty

BUSINESS DAILY - Working here, paying there: EU to tackle 'posted workers'

European Union labour ministers are to tackle the thorny issue of 'posted workers' in a meeting this Monday. Under current EU rules, ... tags: 40bankbankingbusinessCACdebtEADS

Iceland offers debt relief to homeowners

Iceland has launched a massive debt relief package programme for householders.Critics say the programme, worth around a billion euros, ... tags: debtDebt_crisishomeownersIcelandoffersrelief

Nine million Brits in debt crisis

Financially strapped Brits are falling deeper into debt and with 74 considering themselves to have serious money issues. tags: DebtEconomy

Nine million in severe debt

By Charlotte PammentAround 8.8 million people are 'over-indebted', meaning they have fallen at least three months behind with their bills ... tags: Caroline_Siarkiewiczcost_of_livingdebtDebt_Advice_Programmemoneymoney_adviceUK

Studio Guest: Wolfgang Gerke | Made in Germany

Our studio guest is Wolfgang Gerke, President Bayerisches Finanz Zentrum Bavarian Financial Center. We talk with him about the Greek debt ... tags: crisisdebtDeutscheDW-TVEconomicsGerkeGermany

Debt Crisis and Public Discontent | Made in Germany

European governments are cutting costs - and France is feeling the financial pinch. The country needs to save 90 billion - and President ... tags: CrisisDebtFlersFranceNicolasNormandySarkozy

Greek debt crisis | Made in Germany

How can Greece be saved from insolvency Opinion is divided in Europe. A heated debate has begun among politicians and economists on what ... tags: BailoutcrisisdebtGreeceInsolvency

Greeks on the Greeks | Made in Germany

All Europe is discussing how best to help Greece overcome its debt crisis. Not least the Greek community in Germany. Made in Germany ... tags: communitycrisisDebtGreeceGreek

Debt Crisis - Fresh Cash for Greece? | Made in Germany

The debate over how to help Greece continues unabated. At the moment european leaders are discussing plans for a new, 120 billion euro ... tags: BerlinCrisisDebtgreecePackageRescue

Cyprus: Delaying the Bail-Out | European Journal

Cyprus has one of Europe's highest ratios of household debt - a growing number of families are now facing bankruptcy. With its population ... tags: bail_outcyprusdebtdeutsche_welleeuropean_central_bankeuropean_commissioneuropean_journal