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VOIA - Dragonfly

A young man is determined to become a DDR champion. After a serious training regimen, will he be ready to take on the A-Level competition tags: Chris_Batyrdance_dance_revolutionddrdirector:_HB_No._2DragonflyedmEissa_Burghed

EA's FIFA Series is No More

Battlefield 4 Bugs to be Fixed for PC Users. Play Video Games for a Good Cause Video Games May Facilitate Cognitive Development. Sandy Hook ... tags: AdamAddictionAutoBattlefieldBlizzardBoostCanada

European Journal | On the Road - Tracing the Iron Curtain

Part 3 Germany Through Rivers and Arcosu Mountains Along the the Elbe river,there are only a few remaining East German guard towers,and ... tags: BrockenclimbedDDRDeutscheDeutschlandDW-TVElbe

People & Politics | 60 Years since East Germany was Founded

The German Democratic Republic was founded on October 7,1949. The self-styled 'socialist state of workers and farmers' was founded in the ... tags: DDRDemocraticDeutscheDeutschlandDW-TVGermanGermany

DC Ligue 1 : DDR Vs DoS

Well the Match of Dirt Championship with a fight with 2 of the oldest teams in TM DDR faced DoS in an great match tags: DDRDirtchampDosManiaplanetStadiumTmlive

Berlin mit einem Kanadier | Hin

Jeremy Hexham folgt den Spuren der Geschichte entlang der Mauer, steigt auf einen alten Wachturm und lernt im Museum den Alltag der ...

Uwe Steimles Ostalgie-Klassiker | Motor mobil

Uwe Steimle ist Schauspieler. Neben seinem Beruf hat er noch eine zweite Leidenschaft Die Autos, mit denen er in der DDR gro geworden ist. ...

Out in Ost Berlin - Trailer (Deutsch) HD

Im Gegensatz zur Bundesrepublik entkriminalisierte das Strafgesetzbuch der DDR Homosexualitt schon 1968. Doch der Arbeiter- und Bauernstaat ...

Eisenh?ttenstadt - Architecture and Industrial Culture | Discover Germany

Hollywood star Tom Hanks recently appeared on the David Letterman show and spoke about the charms of a small German town called ...