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Occupy Wall Street Post Eviction. What Next? (Interview with JA Myerson )

more at contact Occupy Wall street, ows, occupy movement, eviction, occupy ... tags: bloombergdavisfleetwoodevictionmayor Eviction Violencenypdoccupy evictedoccupy movement

The People of WalMart

more at contact people of walmart tags: comedydavisfleetwoodfunnymusic videoofPeoplepeople of walmart

8 yr. old Elijah vs. Bachmann

more at contact from the video description as uploaded by Video of ... tags: activistdavisfleetwoodgaygay parentgay rightslgbtqmichele bachman

NYCmarch2DC - "Why Can We Not Share A Few Steps Together?"

I'm spending 99 days with the 99... DONATE TO HELP FUND THE PROJECT more at ows march, ragu, nyc, dc, ... tags: davisfleetwood dc nyc occupy the highway ragudavisfleetwooddc

Is Van Jones Trying to Co-Opt the Occupy Movement?

Read more here Van Jones Can't Occupy Us van jones, rebuild the dream, move on, move, 2012 elections, occupy, 99, 99 ... tags: 2012 elections 99% 99% movement acronym tv davisfleetwood move on move

When Police Attack (OWS @ FOLEY SQUARE, #N17)

When Police Attack OWS FOLEY SQUARE, N17 I'm spending 99 days with the 99... DONATE TO HELP FUND THE PROJECT more at ... tags: #n17 #ows 99% acronym tv barricades Brooklyn bridge

NYPD Assaults Man & Punches Woman in Face at OWS / Liberty Plaza

Dane from OWS is bounced by the NYPD and 145 of this video a woman brandishing a court order that affirmed the rights of protesters to ... tags: assault bloomberg clash davisfleetwood eviction nypd occupy

Palestine and Israel: Ridgely Fuller on Occupy Movement's Role in the Conflict

See related video, Occupy Boston Occupies Israeli Consulate Gaza Blockade , Israel , Occupy, Ridgeley Fuller, Code Pink, ... tags: 99% Code Pink Gaza Blockade Flotilla Gaza Flotilla Israel Israel Gaza Israel Gaza Blockade

#OccupyOakland Call for General Strike

DONATE Donations help fund the independent media produced by NCFT including daily video updates from OccupyEverywhere ... tags: #occupyoakland 11.2.11 davisfleetwood general strike labor nov. 2 November 2