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Daryl Sabara on Character & Mean Moms

Daryl Sabara plays Edgar Rice Burroughs in the just released Disney film, John Carter. He joined us in the studio and spoke about other ... tags: actorbrian_gramochild_actordaryl_sabaraedgar_rice_burroughsfilmnutjeff_schubert

Daryl Sabara of John Carter and Spy Kids

Daryl Sabara plays Edgar Rice Burroughs in the just released Disney film, John Carter. He was very excited to talking about working on the ... tags: actorbrian_gramochild_actordaryl_sabaraedgar_rice_burroughsfilmnutjeff_schubert

Big Joe Grizzly

Halloween 2007 - Big Joe Grizzly - Michael Myers Tyler Mane rudely interrupts Big Joe Grizzly Ken Foree during his bathroom break.nbsp tags: Adam_WeismanAnnie_BrackettBig_Joe_GrizzlyBill_MoseleyBob_SimmsBrad_DourifChester_Chesterfield

You're Strong, Juni!

Spy Kids 2001 - You're Strong, Juni - Carmen Alexa Vega and Juni Daryl Sabara fight their robot doppelgangers to get to their parents. tags: Alan_CummingAlexander_MinionAlexa_VegaAntonio_BanderasCarla_GuginoCarmen_CortezCheech_Marin

Robot Doppelgangers

Spy Kids 2001 - Robot Doppelgangers - Discovering that they8217ve been tracked to the playground by their robot doppelgangers, Juni Daryl ... tags: Alan_CummingAlexander_MinionAlexa_VegaAntonio_BanderasCarla_GuginoCarmen_CortezCheech_Marin

Becoming Spies

Spy Kids 2001 - Becoming Spies - Carmen Alexa Vega and Juni Daryl Sabara get acquainted with their new gadgets and read about how to become ... tags: Alan_CummingAlexander_MinionAlexa_VegaAntonio_BanderasCarla_GuginoCarmen_CortezCheech_Marin

Taking Machete's Spy Plane

Spy Kids 2001 - Taking Machete's Spy Plane - Carmen Alexa Vega and Juni Daryl Sabara steal uncle Machete8217s Danny Trejo spy plane while ... tags: Alan_CummingAlexander_MinionAlexa_VegaAntonio_BanderasCarla_GuginoCarmen_CortezCheech_Marin

Family is a Mission Worth Fighting For

Spy Kids 2001 - Family is a Mission Worth Fighting For - In the aftermath of their mission to Floop8217s castle, the Cortez children are ... tags: Alan_CummingAlexander_MinionAlexa_VegaAntonio_BanderasCarla_GuginoCarmen_CortezCheech_Marin

Jetpack Pursuit

Spy Kids 2001 - Jetpack Pursuit - Carmen Alexa Vega and Juni Daryl Sabara take a jetpack to escape Floop8217s castle and the Thumb Thumbs. tags: Alan_CummingAlexander_MinionAlexa_VegaAntonio_BanderasCarla_GuginoCarmen_CortezCheech_Marin

Floop's Dream

Spy Kids 2001 - Floop's Dream - Fegan Floop Alan Cumming strains to figure out what he needs to add to his show to take it to number one. tags: Alan_CummingAlexander_MinionAlexa_VegaAntonio_BanderasCarla_GuginoCarmen_CortezCheech_Marin

Marriage is a Mission

Spy Kids 2001 - Marriage is a Mission - Ingrid Carla Gugino tells Carmen Alexa Vega the story of her wedding day. tags: Alan_CummingAlexander_MinionAlexa_VegaAntonio_BanderasCarla_GuginoCarmen_CortezCheech_Marin

Floop's Fooglies

Spy Kids 2001 - Floop's Fooglies - As Juni Daryl Sabara watches the bizarre children8217s show 8220Floops Fooglies8221 on the way to ... tags: Alan_CummingAlexander_MinionAlexa_VegaAntonio_BanderasCarla_GuginoCarmen_CortezCheech_Marin