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Dark Matter Experiment Turns Up No Findings

The world's most sophisticated search for dark matter came up empty-handed in its first run, although scientists are optimistic about the ...

Hard News 10/22/13 - Beyond Two Souls, Dark Matter, Alien: Isolation - Hard News Clip

Today on Hard News, a debugged PS3 gets shots of a naked Ellen Page in Beyond Two Souls, Dark Matter pulled from Steam, and Sega developing ...

Kaley Cuoco Sparks Engagement Rumors

Is Kaley Cuoco officially off the market Well, not so fast. The Big Bang Theory actress was seen running around a Los Angeles set wearing a ...

Pete's Basement Season 5, Episode 6 - 02.14.2012

Steve is taking a break from the basement this week, which spells trouble for the rest of us. He's usually the furrowed brow of reason at ... tags: ArtsBatgirlCaptain_AmericaDark_MatterEpisodeFeralsGames_Hobbies

Light, the Universe, and Everything

ENCORE Whats it all about And we mean ALL. What makes up this vast sprawling cosmos Why does it exist Why do we exist Why is there ... tags: astrobiologyBig_Bangcosmologydark_energydark_matterEducationHigher_Education

Obsessive Comics Disorder #51: “When Did We Pick Marvel 1602 Again?”

We finally get around to reading Marvel 1602 Before that, however, DrQuest joins us for some long awaited Previews talk Book Club For ... tags: Dark_MatterFataleGames_HobbiesGames_Hobbies_HobbiesHobbiesMarvel_1602Mrs

Dark Matter

Scientists have no idea what it is, but Dark Matter and Dark Energy make up 96 of the Universe. It passes through everything we know on ... tags: adventureDark_MatterdiscoverydocumentaryDocumentary_and_Biographyeducationentertainment

A few things that are bouncing around my brain

Cool video on Dark MatterI was kind of surprised that Senator Marco Rubio while talking about the death of dictator Muammar Qaddafi ... tags: american_troopsbank_failurebank_failuresblood_and_gutsbondholderscarecurmudgeon

Minute Physics: What is Dark Matter?

Physics provides an energetic and entertaining view of old and new problems in physics -- all in oneIn this episode, we discuss Dark ... tags: academydarkdark_mattereducationHenry_Reichkhanmatter

What is the Uncertainty Principle?

The Heisenberg uncertainty principle - in a nutshellTweet it -Facebook it -physics is now on Google+ -And facebook - Physics ... tags: academydarkdark_mattereducationeducationalheisenbergHenry_Reich