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Final Fantasy 9(Blind LP): Part 6_My name is Dagger

You guys know how much I hate a lot of dialoge tags: DaggerfantasyFinalGarnetKujaZidane

Final Fantasy 9(Blind): Part 9_Lindblum

FFXIII-2 SERAH But I'm scared to upload it right now. I'll wait until I'm 100 it's safe. Nothing much here... a lot of walking around and ... tags: DaggerFF9GarnetZidane

Final Fantasy 9(Blind LP): Part 11_Ring the Bell

My internet is SLOW Took me 3 hours to upload this thing..... tags: DaggerFantasyFinalFreyaGarnetViviZidane

Troy, the movie, in 8 sec

Dramatis Personae Jared Kopf and Russel Simmons. Please note that while Jared's sword is real yes, we happen to have one laying around the ... tags: bobdaggerdramaepicFilmfunnysword

Goodbye Azeroth [TEASER] Promo Announcement

If my name is starwarspunk, why do I sing World of Warcraft songs... TO BE CONTINUED.... major lulz at the end To view all ... tags: colddaggerdanidani the girldaradara mactire killed megoodbye azeroth

Skyrim: How To Become a Werewolf (Gameplay/Commentary)

11/18/11 to watch Dark Souls Episode 1 by Geordie Gameplay/Commentary Skyrim How To Become a Werewolf Gameplay/Commentary In this ... tags: 360 Alduin Bethesda Creation Dovahkiin Dragonborn dual