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Cybernetics Videos by Popular

The What If Machine - Cyborgs

This week Cam investigates cyborgs in video games. Just how close are they to cutting edge science, and when can we get our hands on Adam ...

I, Robot - Cybernetics discussion panel

Will Smith stars in this sci-fi action thriller suggested by the classic short story collection by Isaac Asimov, and brought to the big ... tags: ActionAdventureCyberneticsdiscussionpanelRobotSci-Fi

Robot Housekeeper

Robots that can do your laundry and your dishes The futu... tags: androidcyberneticsDiagonaldirector:DiagonalinventionJapanrobot

Brian Holmes. The Global Nervous System, Technological Shock. 2011

01/23/12 Brian Holmes talking about military monetary institutions, tecnopolitics, World War II, Bretton Woods, the International ... tags: AgliettaArrighiBankBrettonBrianCommissioncrisis

Brian Holmes. Technoscience, Military Power, and Politics. 2011

01/23/12 Brian Holmes talking about the period of time after World War II, Lutz Daumbeck's Das Netz 2003, cybernetics, operations ... tags: AmericaBrettonBriancyberneticscyborgDasDaumbeck

Brian Holmes. Psychology and Systemic Theory. 2011

01/23/12 Brian Holmes talking about Flix Guattari, integrated world capitalism, deterritorialised imperialisms, economic man, Harun ... tags: activismanalysisBaudrillardBrianchaosChaosmosiscybernetics

Cybernetics, Cyborg Interfaces

TEDxOxford - Kevin Warwick - Cyborg Interfaces\n\nIn this talk Kevin Warwick, professor of Cybernetics at Reading University presents his ... tags: brainconferenceCyberneticscyborghumanhumansIT___ICT

Prototype X29A

In a post-apocalyptic Los Angeles, a wheelchair bound veteran volunteers for an experimental cybergenic program that will allow him to walk ... tags: 2057Action_and_AdventureapocalypseapocalypticArielbattlebeautiful

Brian Holmes. Society of Control: The Neoliberal Civilization. 2011

12/08/11 Brian Holmes talking about algorithmic trading, the black box, diagrams of power, the panopticon, Norbert Wiener, interaction, ... tags: BatesonblackboxBriancapitalismcontrolcybernetics

Soft Robot Walking and Crawling

Harvard researchers have created a soft robot inspired by animals like starfish and worms. Read more tags: Bio-InspiredChemistryComputerCyberneticsElectronicsEngineeringPhysics

We've Got You Made

ENCORE Wish you could ditch computers Theres no escape button for that. Computers are not only a part of your daily grind, they may soon ... tags: artificial_intelligencebiologycomputerscyberneticscyborgEducationHigher_Education