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NATO launches 'cyber attack' exercises

NATO has launched a series of exercises to prepare and deal with potential cyber attacks.The hub for the exercises is based in Tallinn, ... tags: attackcyberCyber_attackCyber_attacksEstoniaexercisesHacking

Corporate espionage | Made in Germany

The German-Austrian company Rieder makes glass-fibre cladding that sells around the world. During a recent tour of a Rieder factory, a ... tags: corporatecyberattacksdamageespionageindustrialRiederTrust

Inquiry: EU authorities regularly targeted by cyber attacks

The European Parliament's Civil Liberties Committee has been probing the U-S and U-K spying scandal now for the past ten weeks. Leaked ... tags: authoritiesBrusselscyber_attacks

China Using Cyberattacks to Gain Ground in Drone Race?

China is denying new reports that indicate its government used hackers to steal U.S. drone secrets.

US Power Grid Vulnerability to Cyberattacks Is a Serious Concern

A meeting of electricity company experts in Washington D.C. organized by the Bipartisan Policy Center addressed the growing concern about ... tags: americanattackscyberattacksgridKnowledgepower

Apple is rumored to be planning new incentives and schemes for buyers.

3 UPDATE Samsung users trying to get Jay-Zs new album says beware of fake app and is set to report a record 8.9 billion in quarterly ... tags: AndersapplecyberattacksFoghhtcipadJay-z

What's in the News: 11/16

Could a cyber attack trigger war CBS's Steve Kathan says that's What's in the News. tags: cyberattacksmilitary_response

Reality of cyberwar: How cyberattacks threaten real-world peace

More and more, nations are waging attacks with cyber weapons -- silent strikes on another country's computer systems that leave behind no ... tags: cyberattackscyberwarGoldsteinGuy-PhilippeIT___ICT

Guy-Philippe Goldstein: How Cyberattacks Threaten Real-world Peace

More and more, nations are waging attacks with cyber weapons. At TEDxParis, Guy-Philippe Goldstein shows how cyberattacks can leap between ... tags: cyberattackscyberwarcyber_weaponsGuy-Philippe_GoldsteinsecurityTalk_and_Interview

Guy-Philippe Goldstein: How cyberattacks threaten real-world peace

10/19/11 More and more, nations are waging attacks with cyber weapons -- silent strikes on another country's computer systems that leave ... tags: Computers conflict cyber security cyberattacks Director Global global security

Inside IT: Disaster Preparedness for the Data Center

IT Best Practices With the ten-year anniversary of 9-11, were reminded of the importance of being prepared for disaster and how that day ... tags: 9_11Brad_EllisonBusinessBusiness_Business_NewsBusiness_ContinuityBusiness_Management_MarketingBusiness_News