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Cute Baby Videos - 2 by Popular

Baby Saga does her best mall rat impression

Baby Saga does her best mal... 054 Saga had just learned to walk, but working the cell phone whilst carrying a purse was no problem ... tags: Babybaby_talkcellcell_phoneClean_Comedycute_babyKids_Being_Awesome

Baby Rocks Out on Harmonica

This kid's got all the right moves, and really knows how to jam - or so he thinks. All you have to do to win awesome prizes is be a ... tags: Break Break Media Cute Baby Funny Baby Harmonica Harmonica Baby

What does Admiral Ackbar say?

Months in the making, this video shows 19-month-old Archer reciting one of his father's favorite lines of movie dialogue. tags: Admiral_Ackbarbaby_talkingcute_babyit's_a_trapPeopleStar_Warstoddler

What Does Admiral Ackbar Say?

What Does Admiral Ackbar Say 045 Months in the making, this video shows our son Archer at 19 months old, reciting one of his dad's ... tags: admiral_ackbarbaby_talkingClean_Comedycute_babyfamilyfunnykid

CuteWinFail: Baby Simul-Sneeze

See two twins sneeze at the same exact time Bless you. For more CuteWinFail clips subscribe here ... tags: babiesbabyComedyCuteCuteWinFailcute_babiescute_baby

Ellen's Audience Member Gets a Car!

One of Ellen's audience members, Jessica, has cars that just aren't safe, so today Ellen surprised her, and her adorable baby, with a brand ... tags: adorable_babyaudience_member_gets_a_carchevy_traverscute_babyhusband_militaryjessicamother

Baby Laughing Hysterically at Ripping Paper (Original)

8-month-old Micah a boy laughing hysterically while at-home daddy rips up a job rejection letter. Check out the other 'Baby Laughing ... tags: baby_laughbaby_laughingComedycute_babyfunnyfunny_babyfunny_video