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'Rolling Stone's' Michael Hastings: Homeland Security monitored OWS, Wikileaks emails show

Rolling Stone contributing editor Michael Hastings tells Cenk how the Department of Homeland Security monitored Occupy Wall Street ... tags: Cenk UygurCommentaryCurrent TVElection 2012NewsOccupy Wall StreetPolitics

Corporate tax rate was 12.1% in 2011 -- a 40-year low

Cenk does the math to prove how totally right Warren Buffett was to say that corporations aren't being taxed as heavily as average ... tags: Cenk UygurCommentarycorporate taxesCurrent TVElection 2012NewsPolitics

Robert Reich discusses the declining housing market despite signs of economic recovery

Robert Reich, UC Berkeley professor and former US Secretary of Labor, tells Keith why the slow housing market remains a roadblock to ... tags: 2012 electionCable Newscable TVcongressconservativeCountdownCurrent

Worst Persons: Steve Doocy, Darrell Issa and Colby Schwartz

Find out why Steve Doocy of Fox News is WORSE Rep. Darrell Issa R-Calif. is WORSER and Oklahoma state Rep. Colby Schwartz R-District 43 is ... tags: 2012 electionCable Newscable TVColby SchwartzcongressconservativeCountdown

'Fired up': Laura Bassett weighs in on the tug-of-war the GOP is waging over women's rights

Keith and Laura Bassett, political reporter for The Huffington Post, assess the back-and-forth debate over women's rights being waged by ... tags: 2012 electionabortionBirth ControlBob mcdonnellCable Newscable TVcongress

Washington journalist Craig Crawford says Santorum has 'pretty good' odds in Ohio

Jennifer Granholm talks with Washington DC political columnist Craig Crawford about some of the key factors influencing Tuesday's Michigan ... tags: CommentaryCurrent TVDemocratElection 2012Jennifer GranholmNewsPolitics

Super Tuesday strategies: What's next for GOP candidates?

San Francisco Chronicle political reporter Joe Garofoli and Democratic strategist Donnie Fowler plot out the road ahead for Mitt Romney and ... tags: 9:00/8:00catCommentaryCurrentCurrent TVDemocratElection 2012

Staying on message: Strategists decipher two Michigan speeches

Two strategists dissect the candidates' speeches in Michigan Tuesday night. Democratic strategist Donnie Fowler says, 'Santorum spent the ... tags: CommentaryCurrent TVDemocratElection 2012Jennifer GranholmNewsPolitics

Wall Street bonuses drop 14 percent, so bankers cry about losing Aspen vacation homes

Cenk calls out Wall Street employees whining about the 14 percent drop in their cash bonus pool. Tune in Weeknights at 700/600c on Current ... tags: Cenk UygurCommentaryCurrent TVElection 2012NewsPoliticsThe Young Turks

Mormons perform proxy baptisms to help release the dead from 'spirit prison'

Author Latayne Scott helps Cenk shed light on why Mormons keep baptizing the dead. Tune in Weeknights at 700/600c on Current TV tags: Cenk UygurCommentaryCurrent TVElection 2012Latayne ScottNewsPolitics

Is the White House reponsible for changing the conversation on climate change?

Sam Seder and Amanda Terkel join Cenk's Power Panel to talk climate change. Tune in Weeknights at 700/600c on Current TV tags: Amanda TerkelCenk UygurCommentaryCurrent TVElection 2012NewsPolitics