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NASA illustrates Gale Crater on Mars

An animated video from NASA shows the area on Mars where the Curiosity rover recently discovered evidence of an ancient lake. Narration by ... tags: aliensalien_lifeformsbuzzcuriositycuriosity_roverexplorationgovernment

The Prospects for a Human Colony on Mars

The Prospects for a Human Colony on MarsThe Long Now Foundation - SFJAZZ Center'Dare mighty things' concludes the most dramatic space video ... tags: curiosity_roverfuturismSan_Franciscoscienceseven_minutes_of_terrorSFJAZZ_Centersky_crane

NASA's Curiosity Rover Finds Water in Martian Soil

After analyzing a scoop of Martian dirt, the rover found water makes up two percent of the planet's surface layer.

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3 UPDATE Apples CEO Tim Cook just joined Twitter. Curiosity Rover has still not found any methane gas on the planet Mars, Methane is ...

Mars Rover Prepares For Launch

This is the next step in the search for life on Mars. NASA's latest rover, called 'Curiosity', is ready to begin its journey to the Red ... tags: curiosity_marscuriosity_roverlaboratorylifemarsmicrobiologicalnasa

Curiosity Rover Trailer

This animation shows the major mission events of the Curiosity rover's landing on Mars scheduled for August 2012. tags: Curiosity_roverEDLEducationGale_crater.heat_shieldlandingMars

Mars Rover Destination Announced

The next Mars rover will explore Gale Crater -- a 3-mile-deep crater with a 3.5-mile-high mountain in it -- searching for signs of life. tags: canyoncratercriticizeCuriositycuriosity_roverdramaticallyGale_Crater