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Fish in Curacao

Filmed in Curacao, underwater with a GoPro, lots of fish swimming shamelessly between people. Feels like you are walking inside an ...

How To Make A Deep Blue Sea Cocktail

Deep Blue Sea Cocktail. Explore the depths of the Deep Blue Sea by finishing this cocktail and making yourself another one Appreciate our ... tags: curacaograpefruitjuicelongpassionfruitstirvodka

How To Make A Blue Lagoon Cocktail

Blue Lagoon Cocktail. A refreshing vodka-based cocktail served best in a long glass. One of the most popular and refreshing cocktails for ... tags: curacaolemonadelongstirvodka

How To Make An African Violet Cocktail

African Violet Cocktail. A shot for any occasion who needs an excuse A three-layered cocktail consisting of white crme de cacao liqueur, ... tags: cacaocrèmecuracaodeglasslayershot

How To Make A Jubilee Cocktail

Jubilee Cocktail. Named so because of its wonderful colour, this tequila-based cocktail accompanies any occasion. True class in a glass ... tags: curacaoginjuicelemonlongshaketequila

How To Make A Blue Balls Cocktail

Blue Balls Cocktail. A delicious and refreshing cocktail for any occasion. A mixture of light rum, blue curacao, and a strong helping of ... tags: blendcuracaolightlongraspberryrumsyrup

How To Make A Hawaii Five-O Cocktail

Hawaii Five-O Cocktail. A long cocktail made with rum and pineapple juice. Sit back and enjoy drinking your Hawaii Five-O cocktail, made ... tags: curacaojuicelongpineapplerum

How To Make An Electric Lemonade Cocktail

Electric Lemonade Cocktail. The Curacao-blue colour of this exciting cocktail gives it its high-energy name. If you are looking for ... tags: curacaojuicelemonlemonadelongorangestir

How To Make An Artic Brain Freeze Cocktail

Artic Brain Freeze Cocktail. A perfect choice for a hot summer's day. Enjoy with friends or its just as good on your own Drink our Artic ... tags: almondAmarettocuracaoliqueurmelonshot

How To Make An Abduction Cocktail

Abduction Cocktail. A simple, refreshing cocktail that looks great and tastes even better Gives you a feeling of the clear Caribbean ... tags: curacaomartinistirvodka

How To Make An Azuluna Cocktail

Azuluna Cocktail. A divine blue cocktail that is so quick to make, you might miss it A combination of light rum and blue curacao make this ... tags: blendcoconutcreamCuracaoglassjuicepineapple

How To Make A Swimming Pool Cocktail

Swimming Pool Cocktail. A gin and vodka cocktail which looks and tastes so good you'll want to swim in it Relish our Swimming Pool Cocktail. tags: coconutcreamcuracaojuicelightlongpineapple