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Bigfoot sighting in Kansas breakdown

This is a pretty good video, I have tried to enhance it to see more detail. Thanks for watching please visit the web site tags: bigfootcrewcryptoevidencerealsasquatchsquatch

Bigfoot in western mass breakdown

Yep this one is a fake for sure. Thanks for watching visit our site tags: bigfootcrewcryptofakehoaxsasquatchsquatch

Bigfoot in san juan breakdown

Sound warningTo me this is just a just in a suit.Thanks for watching and sorry about the sound.please visit our site tags: bigfootcrewcryptocryptozoologyfakehowlssasquatch

Bigfoot in Idaho breakdown

Most still thing this is a bigfoot but I still have doubts.Thanksvisit our site tags: bigfootcrewcryptoevidencefakerealsasquatch

Russian Cliff Bigfoot - Short version

I have shorten the footage and translated the text from the youtube video to english.Here is the translated text from the youtube text ... tags: bigfootcrewcryptoevidencemonstersasquatchscary.

Awesome sasquatch footage review

I have did a review of the 'awesome' sasquatch footage.ThanksVisit our site tags: bigfootcrewcryptoevidencesasquatchsquatchyeti

Strange humanoid Encounter Breakdown

This is a really cool video. The kids were so excited and you can tell it. I think this is a real sasquatch but the video is pretty poor. ... tags: bigfootcrewcryptoevidencesasquatchsquatchyeti

Myakka City bigfoot breakdown

This is a pretty good video and you can see hand movement and other things. This creature reminds me of the one in the Hoffman video. visit ... tags: apebigfootcrewcryptosasquatchsquatchskunkyeti

Bigfoot hunted by helicopter breakdown

The family said they did not see the creature until they viewed the video later.They wondered if the helicopter was searching for bigfoot. ... tags: bigfootcryptosasquatchsquatchyeti

Hunter Encounters Aggressive Bigfoot - Witness Interview

cThe Crypto Crew Interview with Mike Wooley. Mike tells us about the time he was deer hunting and encountered 2 aggressive sasquatch. ... tags: bigfootCryptocryptozoologyhunterinterviewsasquatchwitness

Les films "Crypto-Gay"....Qu'est-ce donc ?

Sujet pour 'La quotidienne du cinma', Tps Star.Ralis par Frdric Murarotto

The Dinosaur Project - Clip - Crypto Cam

New movie The Dinosaur Project features previously unseen footage from the ill-fated, eponymous 2011 expedition to the Congo in search of ... tags: ActionAdventureCamClipCryptoDinosaurProject