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Bigfoot slowed breakdown

This was a popular video that many think is real but it is a fake. Thanks for watchingvisit the website tags: bigfootcrewcryptosasquatchsquatchyetiyowie

Bigfoot sighting Ohio Enhancement

This looks pretty good but it turned out to be a total fake - bummer Thanks for watching visit the website tags: bigfootcrewcryptosasquatchsquatchyetiyowie

Bigfoot Run in Breakdown

This one is a fake I think, but still fun to mess about with. Thanks for watching visit the website tags: bigfootcrewcryptosasquatchsquatchyetiyowie

Bigfoot pine crest breakdown

The camera work is prety bad in this one but I attempt to enhance it ...something is there and it gets into the water Thanks for watching ... tags: bigfootcryptoevidencesasquatchscarysquatchyeti

Bigfoot in Snow stablized

while driving the people film what they think is a bigfoot but I think it is just a guy in a snow suit. Thanks for watching visit the ... tags: bigfootcrewcryptofindingsasquatchsquatchyeti

Bigfoot in Siberia - Review

kids find some track and think it could be a bigfoot, they follow the tracks . Is it a bigfoot or something else. Thanks for watching visit ... tags: bigfootcrewcryptosasquatchsnowmansquatchyeti

Bigfoot in New York

Very hard to see but there does appear to be something moving. Thanks Visit tags: bigfootcrewcryptosasquatchsquatchyeti

Bigfoot Hunting a Turkey breakdown

This is a interesting game cam photo but I'm assuming it is a suit. What do you think Please visit our website tags: bigfootcamcrewcryptogamehoaxhunting

Bigfoot eyeshine

while out riding ATVs at night, some odd eyeshine is recorded. I have attempted to enhance the video. Thanks Please support our website tags: bigfootcrewcryptofindingsasquatchsquatch

Bigfoot Alaska breakdown

this is the Alaska bigfoot video , I have attempted to enhance it. Thanks please visit tags: beastbigfootcrewcryptofindnghaoxreal

Bigfoot breakdown

If you will notice this thing, be it a person or a bigfoot is carrying something, Some have thought it could be a salt block left to bait ... tags: bigfootcrewcryptosasquatchsquatchyeti

Bigfoot spotting in oh breakdown

Uploaded by Worgunn on Jan 25, 2012 I Heard a loud bang outside and grabbed my camera and recorded, I saw this 'thing' I believe is a ... tags: bigfootcrewcryptosasquatchsquatchyeti