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CrossTalk Obama vs Rouhani

CrossTalk Obama vs Rouhani

CrossTalk: Afghan exit

In this edition of the program, we discuss what needs to be done to lower the level of violence in Afghanistan and end the occupation of ... tags: Afghanistancrosstalkoccupationviolence

CrossTalk: Dollar death?

In this edition of the program we have a look at what is happening to the US dollar. Is it doomed Probably not, yet its global hegemony is ... tags: BrzezinskyCrosstalkcurrencydeathdemiseDollarglobal

CrossTalk: Pakistan under siege

In this edition of the program with Peter Lavelle we have a lively discussion regarding events unfolding in Pakistan. Islamabad, with great ... tags: CrossTalkhardLavellePakistanPeterStatesstrategy

CrossTalk: The truth about climate wars

In this program we have a look at what is behind the climate wars. Few deny the existence of global warming, but is it as bad as mainstream ... tags: changeclimateCrossTalkglobalLavellePeterwarming

CrossTalk: The Wall that remains

The Berlin War came down on November 9, 2001. Twenty years later, is a new one being built Peter Lavelle asks his guests what has really ... tags: BerlinCrossTalkFallLavelleofPeterThe

CrossTalk: Palinstine

Peter Lavelle asks his guests if Sarah Palin's presidential ambition is real or popular but cruel media joke. tags: CrosstalkelectionLavellePalinPeterpresidentSarah

CrossTalk: Traces of Velvet Revolutions

Twenty years after the fall of communism in Eastern Europe, what is the legacy of the peoples power that brought about the velvet ... tags: bloodyCollapseCrossTalkLavelleofPeterrevolution

CrossTalk on Oil: Crude Truths

Experts are split is the world really running out of oil and natural gas The answer to this question may very well determine the future of ... tags: CrossTalkHirschLavelleOilPeterPikeRichard

CrossTalk: Thin line between PR & Propaganda

The importance of soft power in a countrys foreign policy is growing with the passage of time. However, where do we draw the line between ... tags: crosstalkFraserGeraldLavelleMatthewNicolaiPeter

Crosstalk: Armed to the Teeth

Even during tight economic times the arms industry legal and illegal increases. The irony of the arms industry is the fact that the more a ... tags: AndrewcrosstalkHoltomLavellePaulPeterPeters

CrossTalk on Ukraine: Clockwork Orange

The end of the orange era in Ukraine. Peter Lavelle asks his guests what is in store for Ukraine as voters head to the polls to elect a new ... tags: CrossTalkelectionOrangepollpresidentialRevolutionTimoshenko