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Unruly Smoking - The Sequel

A nice Italian friend 'complained' to me that he loved to see women smoking, but for some obscure reason, he hates holders. After 27 years ... tags: cigarettecrossdresscrossdressercrossdressingsmoking

Pale Green.AVI

NEW SHOES From Target no less. Nice knit dress with a soft ecru petticoat that swishes a bit not as much as some people would like. I hope ... tags: crossdresserhigh heelspetticoatsliptransvestite

Purple ASD.AVI

Purple American Shirt Dress. I have a bunch of these in different colors. Wearing my taffeta petticoat for more swish. tags: crossdresserhigh heelspetticoatsliptransvestite

Smokey Tauntings

We celebrate Mardi Gras called Carnival around here just like in Brazil, the difference is that we're in deep winter, and they're on high ... tags: CDcigarettecrossdresscrossdressercrossdressingholdersmoker

Getting Dressed Green Whirlaway.AVI

Video of me finishing dressing. I tried to copy my Idol Michelle O, but this is not near as good as hers. Minor dressing malfunction which ... tags: crossdresserhigh heelspetticoatsliptransvestite

More Smoking in Purple Sweater

I wasn't very inspired today, and it was still quite cold, so I just wore my purple sweater and lighted up. Music 'Overcast' by Kevin ... tags: CDcigarettecrossdresscrossdressercrossdressingholdersmoker

Relaxed Smoking With Long Holder

This was a relaxed day for me, after the long marathon of writing a loooooong article about my recent experiences and discoveries about ... tags: CDcigaretteCross-dressingcrossdresscrossdressercrossdressingholder

Holder Smoking Tutorial 1

For a full textual description of this video tutorial, please visit my blog Music 'Niles Blues' by Kevin MacLeod ... tags: cigarettecrossdressercrossdressingholderSmokingTobacco SmokingTutorial

Flirty Black Dress.AVI

Mother of the bride type dress. Nice and soft and a flirty skirt. No petticoats. What do you think tags: crossdresserfull sliphigh heelstransvestite

Old Purple Dress.AVI

One of the first dresses I bought. I like it, but I think it makes me look older than I'd like to. One petticoat and a colorful slip with ... tags: crossdresserfull sliphigh heelspetticoattransvestite

Pink Shirtwaist Dress.AVI

One of my many American Shirt Dresses. I like the color and pattern. Wearing a very full pink petticoat and my taffeta one layered ... tags: crossdresserfull sliphigh heelspetticoattaffetatransvestite

White Sheath Dress.AVI

I don't have many sheaths, because i love petticoat so much, but this dress is something I really like from the slit in the back to the ... tags: crossdresserfull sliphigh heelstransvestite