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Video: Wordell Calls Mid-Cap U.S. Bank Stocks `Very Attractive'

Jan. 21 Bloomberg -- Don Wordell, a fund manager at RidgeWorth Capital Management Inc., discusses the outlook for the U.S. financial ... tags: Advisers,MediaBusinessCrisis,CrudeCrunch,cstickersDrillingEconomy,U.S.

Video: Parker Says Corporate Earnings Could Rise 10% This Year

Jan. 10 Bloomberg -- Adam Parker, head of U.S. equity strategy at Morgan Stanley, discusses the outlook for corporate earnings, stocks and ... tags: BusinessCrisis,CrudeCrunch,cstickersDrillingEconomy,Unitedex-Energy,Consumer

Video: Westman Recommends Russian Consumer Goods, Retail

Jan. 6 Bloomberg -- Mattias Westman, co-founder of Prosperity Capital Management, discusses investment strategy for Russia. Westman speaks ... tags: Advisers,MediaAustralia,Asia,Crisis,CrudeCrunch,cstickersDrillingEstimates,Emerging

Video: Petrie Says `Forces' Lining Up for $100 Crude Oil

Dec. 8 Bloomberg -- Thomas Petrie, vice chairman of Bank of America-Merrill Lynch, discusses the outlook for crude oil prices. Petrie, ... tags: America,MediaBanks,Commodities,CreditBusinessCrisis,CrudeCrunch,cstickersDrilling

Video: Penner Says U.S. Health-Care Plans Need Fixed Budget

Dec. 6 Bloomberg -- Rudolph Penner, an economist at the Urban Institute, discusses the U.S. budget deficit and President Barack Obama's ... tags: BusinessCareCare,HealthCrisis,CrudeCrunch,cstickersDevices

Video: Blanch Sees Oil Prices Reaching $100 a Barrel in 2011: Video

Oct. 12 Bloomberg -- Francisco Blanch, head of global commodities research at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, discusses the implications of ... tags: Banks,Commodities,CompanyBusinessCrisis,CrudeCrunch,cstickersExperts,News,PreciousMedia

Video: Louise Yamada Sees 0.33% Yield For 2-Year Treasuries: Video

Oct. 5 Bloomberg -- Louise Yamada, managing director of Louise Yamada Technical Research Advisors LLC, discusses the prospects for ... tags: Advisers,MediaAmericaAnalysis,Television,TomBanks,Commodities,Commodities,BondBonds,Oil,PreciousBonds,U.S.

Video: Battle Says Conditions `Very Dangerous' for Stocks: Video

Aug. 25 Bloomberg -- Brian Battle, vice president of trading at Performance Trust Capital Partners, talks about the outlook for U.S. ... tags: Bonds,Machinery,Crisis,CrudeCrunch,cstickersDefense,AllDrillingEconomy,United

Video: JPMorgan's Masters Reassures as Commodities Unit Slips: Video

Aug. 3 Bloomberg -- Bloomberg's Dawn Kopecki discusses the performance of JPMorgan Chase Co.'s commodities unit. Blythe Masters, the head ... tags: Actions,CorporateBusinessCrisis,CrudeCrunch,cstickersEconomy,UnitedEstimates,Economic

Video: Chart Partners' Schroeder Sees $58 Oil, Recession Risk: Video

July 6 Bloomberg -- Thomas Schroeder, managing director at Chart Partners Group Ltd., talks with Bloomberg's Rishaad Salamat about ... tags: Advisers,Markets,MediaAnalysis,Television,U.S.Australia,Asia,BusinessChina,ChinaCountry,SyndicatedCrisis,Crude

Video: Holland Calls Stocks `Cheap', Sees Recovery Continuing: Video

May 28 Bloomberg -- Michael Holland, who oversees more than 4 billion as chairman of Holland Co., talks with Bloomberg's Margaret Brennan ... tags: Advisers,MarineAustralia,Asia,Crisis,CrudeCrunch,cstickersDisasters,SyndicatedDrilling

Video: Rogers Discusses Outlook for 2010 Hurricanes, Oil Spill: Video

May 28 Bloomberg -- Matt Rogers, president of Commodity Weather Group, talks with Bloomberg's Erik Schatzker about the outlook for the 2010 ... tags: BusinessChange,Commodities,CreditCrisis,CrudeCrunch,cstickersDisasters,SyndicatedDrilling