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Crimea Buddhists Take Natural Approach to Fighting Addiction

A special school in the mountains of Ukraines Crimea is tackling drug addiction with natural healing methods.Powered by ... tags: additionbuddhistcrimeadrugdrugshealingnatural

Choosing between Russia and Ukraine

Ethnic Russians living in Ukraines Crimea region have spoken out against a campaign by Kiev urging people to give up their dual ... tags: citizenshipCrimeadualpassportRussiaUkraine

Chemical Barrels: Underwater threat may devastate Black Sea

The future of the Crimea's holiday friendly beaches is at stake due to a danger at the bottom of the Black Sea. RT's Alexey Yaroshevsky ... tags: AlekseyBlackCrimearesortSeasummerswimming

Ukrainians too dream of independence

REPORT With Russian flags under the arm, activists are off to demonstrate against Ukraine possibly entering NATO. Crimea is the only ... tags: crimeafranceindependencereportrussiaukraine

Avistamientos de Naves Nodrizas?, Crimea Ucrania

Marilu Carrillo presenta la informacin sobre el avistamiento OVNI de lo que parece ser una llamada Nave Nodriza en Crimea Ucrania tags: 20112012avistamientoscontactoCrimeaelen

TERCER MILENIO - Nave nodriza en Crimea, Ucrania?

Marilu Carrillo presenta el video de un objeto extrao en Crimea, Ucrania. Mismo que se une a la lista de objetos extraos videograbados en ... tags: 20102011carrillocielocontactocrimeadiciembre

Avistamientos OVNI en Crimea, Ucrania II

Marilu Carrillo presenta la segunda parte de los videos de avistamientos OVNI en Crimea Ucrania tags: 20102011carrillocielocontactocrimeadiciembre

OVNI triangular grabado en Noruega 14/11/2011

Edith Lopez presenta la videograbacin de objeto de forma triangular que apareci en un poblado en Noruega el pasado mes de noviembre de 2011 tags: 20102011carrillocielocontactocrimeadiciembre

Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series 2011 - The Grand Finale in Yalta, Ukraine

In this video, we check out the location of the grand finale of the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series 2011, taking place in Ukraine. tags: artem_silchenkocastlecliffcliff_divingcompetitioncontestcrimea