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3D food printers create sweets and chocolates

3D printers that can create edible food have been unveiled at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas - and they could soon see us ... tags: andBakingCakeschocolatesConsumer_Electronic_Showcreatefood

Designer Creates 21st Century Doll House

THIS dolls house looks more luxurious than your average penthouse suite. The ultra-modern dolls house, made by designer Elaine Shaw, ... tags: adultsArtbuildcollectableCreatecrowd_sourcingmake

How to Make a Blogger Blog Step by Step Tutorial - Blogger Beginners Tutorials New 2014 [English]

How to Create a Blogger Blog Step by Step Tutorial - Blogger Beginners Tutorial 2014 How To Make a Blog Blogger Beginners Tutorial Learn ... tags: 2014BeginnersBloggerblogger_step_by_stepblogger_tutorialsCreatecreate_a_blog

How To Craft A Compass In Minecraft

How to produce a Compass in Minecraft. Using a compass in mine craft can be very handy in finding your way around the huge world of MC. To ... tags: compasscraftCreatehow_doHow_tomakeMC

My Minecraft House

Just showing you guys my very organized but somewhat beautiful minecraft house or home I've crafted created or built ... tags: BuildCraftCreateHomeHouseHow_ToMake

How To Craft A Nether Portal in Minecraft

How to make a Nether Portal in the video game Minecraft in Survival Mode. A nether portal can be done two ways. The more efficient or less ... tags: BuildCraftCreateHow_DoHow_ToMakeMC

Scientists create world's first glow-in-the dark pigs

A team Chinese scientists have created 10 pigs that turn green under black fluorescent lights, all thanks to a technique developed by the ... tags: ChinacreatedarkFlourscentGlow_in_The_DarkHawaiipigs

Awesome video to wish you a merry christmas & a creative new year!

Do you also believe in the power of creativity Wish your friends merry christmas a creative new year tags: amazinganimatedanimationartcreatecreativityfunny

How To Create A Twitter List on Twitter

Do you feel overflowed with Twitter Tweets Why not make a list instead and just follow that This is a way to find order in your twitter ... tags: CreateHow_ToListOrangize_FollowersOrangize_FriendsTweetsTwitter

Building The Blades Of Chaos From God Of War

Master swordsmith Tony Swatton of AWE me recreates an epic weapon from video games, movies, and television every week. This time, he built ... tags: bladeblades_of_chaosbuildchaoscreateFantasyGeek

Original Characters

In this video you will learn how to create an Original Character. Art will show you the secret knowledge of the artistic community. Art is ... tags: artcharacterscreatehow_tooriginalparodypicachu