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WTF- Obesity Is Beautiful In African Countries

Women in Mauritania are encouraged to gain as much weight as possible in order to get a good match. In many West African countries big is ... tags: africaafricancountriesfactsmauritanianewsobese

Justin Bieber's Believe Number One In 34 Countries

Its been just one day since Justin Bieber released his highly anticipated third album, Believe and it's been conquering the worldwide ... tags: 34believebiebercountriesinjustinnumber

What can be learned from the spirituality of Ramadan in the modern life?

Muslim life style changes during the month of Ramadan. They refrain from eating, drinking and other pleasures, every day, from dawn to dusk. tags: countrieslifemodernMuslimsnon-MuslimsPressQuran

Help to other eurozone countries drives Italy deeper...

Deeper and deeper - Italy's public debt hit an all-time high in June of almost two trillion euros.The figures were released by the central ... tags: countriesCrisisdeeperdriveseconomyeuronewseurozone

Stronger eurozone countries nervous on break up

We must prepare for the possibility of the eurozone breaking up. That call has come from the foreign ministers of Finland and Austria. ... tags: breakcountrieseconomyeuronewsEuropeEurozonenervous

Google's Privacy Policy Draws Fire from EU Regulators

Six European watchdog agencies have launched an investigation over Google's privacy policy. tags: countriescriticizedeueuropeangooglenewspolicy

World's 5 Most Dangerous Borders

World's 5 Most Dangerous Borders - as part of the travel series by GeoBeats.Here are the world's 5 most dangerous borders.Number 5 - The ... tags: bordersconflictcountriesdangerousDestinationdiplomacyTravel

ECB to buy eurozone countries' bonds with strict conditions

European Central Bank chief Mario Draghi has given some details of his plan to 'save the euro'.The bank will buy government bonds of ... tags: bondsbuyconditionscountriesECBeuronewsEurope

Celebrating Oceans at Rio+20

Global Partnership for Oceans, officially launched at the Rio+20 Conference in June 2012, is a partnership of over 100 governments, ... tags: BankcountriesEconomicsNon-governmentaloceansorganizationpartnership

Weaker eurozone countries leaders meet

Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, who was in Rome meeting his Italian counterpart has been told keep up the good work. Mario Monti ... tags: countrieseconomyeuronewsEuropeEurozoneleadersmeet