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How To Improve Your Bow Grip

It is important to have a good a bow grip, otherwise torque will be applied and the arrows will not shoot straight. Michael Peart, ... tags: bowcorrectlygriphandhowlefttechnique

How To Position Yourself Correctly In A Kayak

This film shows you how to sit correctly and safely in a kayak. tags: correctlyhowinkayakposturesitto

How To Use The Diaphragm For Vocal Exercises

There are three vocal exercises to help singers more effectively sing from their diaphragms. In this video, a singing teacher demonstrates ... tags: correctlydiaphragmhowlessonsonlinesingsinging

How To Do A Lunge Correctly

01/03/12 Avoid this common lunge exercise mistake This exercise video feature Stephen Cabral and Sarah Dussault. Visit Today for ... tags: bestbodybuttCorrectlydiethealthEducationalexercise

Reason TV Medium and Use

Cyan Banister sits down with Nick Gillespie and discusses tech, teen pregnancy, and his ultimate epiphany. tags: correctlyCyan_BanisterhowMediummediumReasonNick_GillespieReason_Magazine

ZDoggMD Rhymes and Medicine

Cyan Banister sits down for a chat with accomplished rapper and doctor ZDogg MD, the medical rapper. tags: correctlyCyan_Banisterdoctor_rappereathowmedicine_rapproper_diet_rap

How to Use a Framing Square

You don't have to be a professional carpenter to use a framing square. Even if you're a carpentry hobbyist, the tool can come in handy. tags: Carpentry_BasicsCorrectlyCreateCutFramingframing_squareHome_Appliances

How to Warm Up and Stretch Correctly Before Exercise

Those stretches you learned as a kid called 'static stretching' can actually weaken muscles before exercise. Learn how to warm up the ... tags: BeforeCorrectlydynamic_stretchingExerciseexerciseWarmFitness_Stretchinghamstring_stretching

How to Weigh Yourself Correctly

Monitoring your weight is difficult when it can fluctuate three to five pounds in a single day. This system will help. tags: CorrectlyHealth_Diet_NutritionHowHowcastmeasurementHowscale_accuracyscale_information