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Corporate Taxes Videos by Popular

Corporate tax rate was 12.1% in 2011 -- a 40-year low

Cenk does the math to prove how totally right Warren Buffett was to say that corporations aren't being taxed as heavily as average ... tags: Cenk UygurCommentarycorporate taxesCurrent TVElection 2012NewsPolitics

Busted! Rep. Leaves ALEC Wording In Corporate Tax Resolution

Florida state Rep. Rachel Burgin R proposed a resolution with the goal of cutting federal corporate taxes but she accidentally left in a ... tags: alecalec congressalec corporate taxesalec floridaalec lobbyistsalec moneyalec rachel burgin

Tax Holiday for Corporations

A corporate tax holiday is supported by Senators in both parties, including Republican John McCain and Democrat Kay Hagan. The Young Turks ... tags: #occupywallstreet corporate taxes john mccain kay hagan occupy wall street tax holiday corporations tax holiday repatriation

The Real Effects of Raising Corporate Taxes or Income Taxes on the Rich

Alex Merced discusses that raising taxes on the Wealthy and Corporation may not be as extreme on an existing corporation hiring as it's ... tags: Capital Growth Hiring Income Taxes Industry SavingsCapital