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R's: Rich, Corporations Have Too Much Power - Poll

'...According to a new poll, a majority of low-income Republicans believe that the America's economic system unfairly favors the wealthy ... tags: cenk uygurcorporate personhoodcorporate powerfinancial collapseobama banksobama wall streetpew poll republicans

How Obama Can Fight Money In Politics

Senator Obama promised to fight the influence of lobbyists and money in politics when he was campaigning to be a candidate for the ... tags: campaign finance reformcenk uygurcitizens unitedcongress lobbyistscorporate personhoodgovernment corruptionobama campaign finance reform

Rob Weissman - Is NYC about to throw our corporate personhood?

Thom Hartmann talks with Rob Weissman, President, Public Citizen New York City Council is voting Thursday on a resolution ... tags: corporate personhoodNew York City CouncilRobe Weissmanthomhartmann

Corporate Money In Politics-Ron Paul Supporters

Presidential candidate Ron Paul preaches about freedom, and fewer government restrictions, however several of the his supporters we talked ... tags: citizens unitedcorporatecorporate personhoodelectionsron paulTakeUp

Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap - Los Angeles voting on ending corporate personhood?

Thom Hartmann talks with Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap, National Field Director-Move to Amend about a move to end corporate personhood in LA. tags: corporate personhood thomhartmanncorporate personhoodMove to Amend LAthomhartmann

Jack Abramoff agrees with Thom Hartmann on ending Corporate Personhood

Jack Abramoff, Capitol Punishment The Hard Truth About Washington Corruption From America's Most Notorious Lobbyist, joins Thom today, and ... tags: corporate personhood thomhartmanncorporate personhoodJack Abramoffthomhartmann

Hartmann: David Cobb - Big announcement from Move to Amend!

Thom Talks with David Cobb, attorney/ activist with as he unveils an amendment to make it clear that corporations are not ... tags: amendment corporate personhood money is not speech thomhartmannamendmentcorporate personhood's John Amato on Wolf-PAC

11/02/11 founder John Amato speaks with Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks about Wolf-PAC and Occupy Wall Street. ... tags: constitutional convention corporate personhood crooks and liars government corru john amato lobbyists democrats lobbyists government

Thom Hartmann debates candidate "Rich-Corporate Son Inc."

Hal Burton among others represent candidate Rich-CorprorateSon a corporation and therefore a stuffed dummy. End Corporate Personhood ... tags: corporate personhoodhartmannpersonhoodPoliticshartmanncorporate