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Desk Job? Here's How to Get a Workout at Work

Burn calories and tone up while you type, read e-mail or answer the phone. These fitness gadgets add a workout to your workday. tags: armscalfscore_exercisesHealthlegslower_body_exercisesupper_body_exercies

Yoga for Core Warm Up

Light a belly bonfire with these super-effective warming moves to whittle your middle and spark your metabolism tags: abs_exercisesbelly_exercisesCoreCore_ExercisesCore_Strengthening_YogaFitness_Yogafor

Pilates Total Toning Workout

These exercises will help you tone, sculpt and chisel your shoulders, arms and thighs. Also, learn how to improve core strength, agility ... tags: Core_ExercisesCore_Strength_ExercisesFitness_PilatesgaiamPilatesimpact_free_exercisePilatespilates_body_sculpting

Quick Fix Pilates Abs

In this video, Keli Roberts teaches you some Pilates techniques that will help you work on your abs. tags: Absabs_exercisesCore_ExercisesFitness_PilatesFixgaiamQuickkeli_roberts

AM Pilates Powerhouse Workout

AM Pilates is a comprehensive, thorough program led by certified fitness trainer and master Pilates instructor Jillian Hessel. This ... tags: am_pilatesCore_ExercisesFitness_PilatesgaiamAMjillian_hesselPilatesPilates_Abs_Workout

PM Pilates Powerhouse Workput

P.M. Pilates is a physically demanding workout led by certified Pilates instructor Ana Cabn intended to unwind and soothe your entire body. ... tags: ana_cabanCore_ExercisesFitness_PilatesgaiamPMPilatesPilates_Abs_WorkoutPilates_Core_Workout

Pilates Core Challenge Workout

Pilates Core Challenge helps you strengthen and tone muscles, improves posture, flexibility and balance, and create a sleek, firm and ... tags: ana_cabanbackChallengeChallengePilatesCoreCore_Exercisesexercises

5 Day Fit Abs Pilates Core Challenge

Pilates Core Challenge with Ana Caban will help you create a sleek firm body by targeting your entire core, including abs, lower back, hips ... tags: Absana_cabanbackChallengeCoreCore_ExercisesDay

5 Day Fit Abs Power House Pilates Mat Work

Pilates Powerhouse with Jillian Hessel presents focused core work that hits your abs from every angle. tags: AbsCore_ExercisesDayFitFitness_Pilatesgaiam5House

Simple Core Exercises for Six Pack Abs

E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork demonstrates how plank exercises and high-intensity interval workouts can 'torch away' fat and strengthen ... tags: AbsAsk_Dr._Travisbelly_fat_exercisesCoreCore_ExercisesCore_Fitnesscore_strengthening_exercises

The Bender Ball Ab Workout

Leslee Bender says using this little green ball to perform a variety of ab and Pilates exercises is 408 percent more effective at toning ... tags: Abdominal_ExercisesAbdominal_MusclesAb_EquipmentAb_ToningAb_WorkoutAerobic_WorkoutAs_Seen_on_TV