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Dealing with travel delays

As much as delays can ruin the best-laid plans of travelers, there may be an upside. CBS News travel editor Peter Greenberg explains.

Holiday travel and bad weather: How to get through it

Bad weather across the Midwest forced hundreds of flight cancellations at Chicago's two main airports. But that's just part of the travel ...

The Wanted's Nathan Sykes Admits To Having 'complete Mental Breakdown'

It seems as though Nathan Sykes endured stress during the filming of The Wanted's reality show. He recently confessed that he had a ...

Inside Lea Michele's Grief Therapy

Lea Michele has been strong and admirable ever since the sudden death of her beloved boyfriend, Cory Monteith. So what are the secrets to ...

The Single Life - Breakup Coping Strategies

Breakups suck. But your social media presence need not suffer If youve got a broken heart, Taryn Southern can help you patch it up with ...

How To Calmly Receive A Doctors Injection

In this video jug club, No Suggestions Singh from NHS gives useful tips on how to remain calm while receiving an injection. He provides ... tags: childrencopingdistractingfeedingNeedleolderphobia

How To Tell Your Employer You Have Cancer

Cancer confronts millions upon millions of people each year, and one of the challenges that people face after a cancer diagnosis may be how ... tags: bosscancercareercopingwithwork

How To Care For Someone With Cancer

Caring for someone with cancer is often overwhelming and sometimes even confusing. We'll show you the best ways to emotionally cope. tags: cancercopingfamilyhealthrelationshipsskills

How To Begin Helping Children Cope With Death

Grieving is difficult for most people, especially children. This video explains how to work with children through their grief and mourning ... tags: childrencopecopingdeathgriefgrievingmourning

Coping with Death 2011

Dr. Toby Weaver of Chesapeake Counseling talks about ways in which you can cope with death, along with guests Tia Polk and Thomas Miles who ... tags: copingdeathgrieflifepaintiatoby

Une mini ,des potos, de la bière c'est le fakochère krew koi

une mini ,des potos, de la bire c'est le fakochre krew koi tags: bluntcopingflipgapminirailrampe

Japan Nuclear Crisis Continues

Japan is coping with an escalating nuclear threat as the containment vessel of a reactor of the quake-hit Fukushima Dai-Ichi nuclear power ... tags: CopingearthquakeFukushimaJapaneseNaturalplantpower